Family Research Project

In 2010, Camp Quality conducted an extensive Family Research Project. The aim of this research was to develop a broader understanding of the needs of children with cancer and their families, how these needs were being met by Camp Quality and other organisations, and to identify further scope to enhance Camp Quality's programs.

This research has been an important part of our commitment to better meet and adapt to the changing needs of families. We are very thankful to those that participated in this project with the feedback provided being extremely valuable and has shaped our 2012-2017 Strategic Plan.

Who took part? 
  • Camp Quality Families
  • Camp Quality Volunteer Companions
  • Health Care Professionals
What did we want to find out?

We wanted our research to cover two distinct areas:

Cancer specific

  • Experiences and needs of our families 
  • Who is meeting the needs of families?
  • Where are the gaps?

Experience with Camp Quality

  • Where do we meet needs?
  • Where we don't meet needs?
  • Suggestions for improvements
Research Results

The focus of the research was all about the needs of children with cancer, their siblings and their parents.   The following is a snap shot of the information Camp Quality families, Camp Quality volunteer Companions and health care professionals shared with us. Just select a link below; it will guide you through the results on screen:


» 1. Greatest met and unmet needs for children with cancer


» 2. Greatest met and unmet needs for siblings     


» 3. Greatest met and unmet needs for parents


» 4. Benefits of Camp Quality programs and suggested improvements 


» 5. How Camp Quality is enhancing optimism and resilience in families and suggestions for improvement


» 6. Results of the Companions and Camp Leader Survey

» 7. How we conducted the Family Research Project
In a nutshell
  • Camp Quality is clearly providing valuable support
  • Support is contributing to a range of identified psychosocial and practical needs
  • There are some psychosocial needs of families that are not currently being met
  • Current programs could be adapted to meet unmet needs
  • Need to broaden support, increase access and improve equitable participation
  • New programs and services are needed
Our Brochure

You can download a 'Snap Shot' of the Family Research Results here:


If you would like more information on our research, please contact Genevieve Antill at Camp Quality on   or phone (02) 9876 0552.