John Foote

Director (appointed to the Board November 2000)

Diploma Applied Chemistry (RMIT)

Former Managing Director of Fibremakers (Australia) Limited. Retired Chairman and CEO of Dupont Australia. Retired Chairman of Geyer P/L. Former Non Executive Director of Crane Group Ltd.

Member of Audit & Compliance Committee

John Foote

1. What drew you to Camp Quality, and what do you love most about it?
I was attracted to CQ by CEO Simon Rountree. His persuasive powers convinced me that I could help make a difference. The changes to CQ, under Simon's leadership, and the influence and enthusiasm of the Board, have been of immense satisfaction to me. As Chairman, I have learnt a lot from their experience and ideas.

2. What have you learnt most about yourself from your involvement?
It has reinforced my belief that when adverse things happen to you and your loved ones that the reaction should not be to say, "Things could be better" but rather to say, "Things could be worse".  When one sees the impact of cancer on our campers and their families one's own problems tend to pale into insignificance. The resilience of the kids and the positive attitude they often display - to get on with their lives and have some fun - is an inspiration to us all and has definitely impacted me in a positive way.

3. What signature strengths do you bring to CQ?

  • Good corporate governance
  • Developing a transparency at Board-level that has permeated down through the organisation
  • An understanding of sound business processes
  • Mentoring
  • Listening for understanding
  • Developing a safety culture in the organisation.

4.What's a CQ moment you treasure?
The presentation of a $1 million grant to CQ at the Randwick Children's Hospital by Malcolm Turnbull and Steve Waugh. An electric atmosphere came over the audience when Giggle rode in. To see those two grown men kneeling down and speaking to Giggle said a lot about his potential influence. Then, to see a six year old boy who had not spoken to anyone for six weeks gradually warm to Giggle and climb onto the back of his bike for a ride around the oncology ward brought tears to my eyes. The memory still does.

5.What do you love to laugh about? 
Simon Rountree in a hairy wig.

6.What are you optimistic about?
The amazing resilience of sick children and their ability to fight back. Also, the benefit of strong family and good friends in improving the quality of life.

7.What would you say to someone considering joining the 'CQ family'?
Know that your child will be in safe hands with caring,ethical people and your family will be embraced by CQ. CQ can help you in so many ways over the long haul.