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Here's How Puppets Really Help Kids Facing Cancer

Friday, 14 February 2020

Here's How Puppets Really Help Kids Facing Cancer

Kelsey's mum has been diagnosed with cancer, and since then, she has felt very unsupported by her friends especially in comparison to her older brother. He would come home with many get well soon messages to pass on for me from his mates and stories about how his mates were there for him and helping him through everything.

Kelsey would regularly get upset because she said that none of her friends cared.

But when the Camp Quality Puppets visited her school, she returned to her class with all her friends around her and hugging her.

Mum, Aamu was so touched by the impact the show had.


"I headed back to my car from the show, trying to confidently “rock” my bald head, when I was approached by a group of older children. They said “It must be hard for your daughter, but we will keep an eye out and make sure she is coping okay”.


I was almost in tears but held it together and thanked them.

When Kelsey came home that day, she told me that so many children asked her if she was ok, gave her hugs and even shared stories from their own experiences.

Kelsey finally felt she had people in her corner, who cared! This support has continued for Kelsey throughout the rest of the year.

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