The 2020 Gillard Volunteer of The Year Winners - Camp Quality
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The 2020 Gillard Volunteer of The Year Winners

Monday, 18 May 2020

The 2020 Gillard Volunteer of The Year Winners

The inaugural Gillard Award was launched in 2011 to coincide with the 10th anniversary of International Year of the Volunteer. The award was established to recognise excellence in volunteering across Australia. Richard & Heather Gillard are former volunteers (Richard is also a former Board member) who gave 20 years’ service and take great pride being a part of the judging panel.


Kylie Baker - Tasmania

Time and time again Kylie has proven herself to be a dependable and exemplary part of the Camp Quality community. She works tirelessly to find new ways to give more to our families, and is always eager to write an email or pick up the phone whenever a moment of inspiration strikes that she wishes to share.


Averil Richards - Western Australia

At 75, Averil proves that no matter your age, you can do anything you put your mind to! Averil is affectionately known as one of the Nannas at Camp and is the first to dress up, get the kids involved in an activity by being silly or supportive and will always be there for a chat if you need. Averil has her own cancer story from when she faced it 5 years ago. She is thankfully now in remission, but never let it stop her joining Camp Quality programs, fundraising and help create awareness in the community


Kyra Griffiths - Queensland

Whether you’re a fellow volunteer or member of the general public, Kyra offers a ready smile and warm welcome, taking interest in others and engaging in fun and friendly conversations. Kyra is always ready to help whether it be on programs to set up gear, at fundraisers ‘ manning’ the BBQ, or in the office sorting out the programs’ storeroom. She performs all her tasks with that smile and her optimistic outlook on life.


Shaun Li - South Australia

Actions speak louder than words, and Shaun exemplifies this in being a leader amongst the SA volunteer group. Shaun is always looking out for the welfare of others, taking a moment to engage with everyone he crosses paths with, and ensuring everyone feels included on a program. His commitment to promoting an inclusive and caring community to promote the fun our programs strive to deliver is admirable.


Patrick Coffey - Southern New South Wales

Pat is a great role model for both volunteers and children. He is a natural leader and has the respect of everyone around him. Whatever job needs doing at camp, Pat is the first to put his hand up.


Chrissy McGuinness - Northern New South Wales

Chrissy is joyous in all her interactions and has an infectious smile & cackle (yes it’s a loud funny laugh) that really brings the FUN required to our camps to put people at ease. Her compassion for Camp Quality kids and their families builds trust that helps ease a parent’s mind when they are sending their kids to our camps for the first time.


David Kenny - Sydney

David is a trusted and valued volunteer. He is often paired with our campers who have special needs as his patience, empathy and commitment over the last 31yearsmeans he is invaluable when it comes to understanding our programs. David is a kind and compassionate person but when it comes to or kids, he really pulls out all the stops. He will sit and engage with a child who is struggling to fit in for hours if he has to, instead of doing the more “fun” or “adventurous” activities. David comes to camp for them, he never puts himself first but understands that these programs are 100% for the kids and making them happy.


Justin Maskell - Victoria

Justin is a superhero who has the superpower of enriching people’s lives with love and laughter wherever he goes. He is forever going above and beyond in so many ways to ensure that the families at Camp Quality receive the highest quality programs and create lifetime memories. Justin has a specialized quality of being able to lead and have people actively and willingly follow. He never takes the limelight, always boosting others up around him. He is fully inclusive, a huge team player, and wholeheartedly does everything in his capability for the kids and families. 


Melanie Hankinson - Northern Territory

Mel takes on life and appreciates it and every opportunity she gets. She is always willing to try something and get the most out of life, all while forming meaningful relationships with Camp Quality kids and other volunteers that can last a lifetime.


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