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Cancer doesn’t stop so neither can we.

Friday, 8 May 2020

Cancer doesn’t stop so neither can we.

Many Australian’s are now feeling hopeful that isolation will end soon, but isolation doesn’t stop for those with supressed immune systems due to cancer treatment.

You may know that Camp Quality has had to postpone our Camps and face-to-face services and programs. It is with sadness that we announce our Camps have now been postponed until the end of August.

This is heartbreaking news for our families because our Camps are the only place kids impacted by cancer get to just be kids again. Our Camps are designed for them and their particular needs with trained medical volunteers and a community around them who understands how to keep them safe.

Sadly, no Camp Quality Kids’ Camps have been held since the onset of COVID-19. This means over 7,000 kids facing cancer are now waiting for the fun and safety of a Camp Quality Kids’ Camp.

Before COVID-19, kids facing cancer would count down the days until they could go on a Camp and have fun simply being a kid again. Now the number of days until Camp are unknown. Once Camps begin again, there will be a long list of kids waiting for the break they desperately need.

And it’s not just kids facing cancer that have to wait.

Over 18,000 Camp Quality family members from more than 3,800 families are waiting to have fun and reconnect in a safe, supportive environment. The only place they can be safe, connect and have fun with people who understand what they are going through is at a Camp Quality event or program.

What is Camp Quality doing now?

Cancer doesn’t stop so neither can we. Our goal right now is to promote positivity, to get through this together with a good dose of Camp Quality resilience and optimism.

Until it’s safe to be together again, we will continue to work hard to digitally deliver some of our services and programs at home and in hospital where our families, now experiencing a ‘next level’ of isolation, need us more than ever.

We have created Camp Quality’s Happiness Hub - a digital dose of positivity and online home to the Camp Quality Puppets and Virtual Camps. If you haven’t checked out the Hub yet, you are missing out! You can find it here.

The Camp Quality Puppets are also sharing fun videos and performing live for kids on Camp Quality Facebook every Thursday at 6pm. In hospital, our Child Life Therapists continue to be there for our kids in Melbourne and Newcastle. Meanwhile Camp Quality’s Kids Guide to Cancer app and New Normal Navigator app will keep providing cancer resources for kids and supporting families returning home from hospital during this difficult time.

Once it’s safe to be together again, we will do everything we possibly can to meet the increased need for our services and programs until everyone that has missed out on a break from cancer has been on a much-needed Camp.

We can’t do this alone. Help us make these much-needed camps happen once isolation is over.


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