The Inspiring 9-Year-Old Raising Money For Camp Quality
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The Inspiring 9-Year-Old Raising Money For Camp Quality

Thursday, 18 June 2020

The Inspiring 9-Year-Old Raising Money For Camp Quality

Written by Charli, age 9

My mum was diagnosed in August 2018 and when I found out I was very sad, I didn’t really know what cancer was, but I know that it’s been a big part of my families life.

This is a picture of me and mummy before she was diagnosed with cancer.

My Dad and his two brothers joined Camp Quality many many years ago. Like 30 years ago. Camp Quality was a huge part of my Dad’s life as well as his families, so when my Mum was diagnosed I wanted to be a part of Camp Quality too. I haven’t done much with them as we use to live in Darwin and there wasn’t much available in the NT, but we’ve now moved to Brisbane.When my Dad was little his younger brother passed away from cancer and then my Dad’s Dad was diagnosed with cancer.

I was so excited when I saw that Camp Quality was doing this fundraiser and that I could be involved.


This is a picture of me and mummy now, with her hair almost gone, but that’s ok because she’s still beautiful.


Ever since my mum was diagnosed, I’ve wanted to help, but I didn’t know how I could help.

I spoke to my teachers and asked if we could fundraising for people with cancer, I made PowerPoint presentations for my teacher on ways that we could make money for families going through cancer, I suggested we have a bake sale, or that we have a disco for a gold coin donation.

I suggested we sell chocolates – everyone loves chocolate, right? But sadly I wasn’t able to get any of my ideas off the ground.


We’ve just in the last 2 months moved to Brisbane so mum could continue with treatment options as Darwin said there was nothing more they could do for my mum. It’s been a big move and a little scary starting at a new school and making friends all over again. But we have a choice, we can make the most of a new situation or we can focus on the negatives and not have a real good time. I’ve decided to make the most of it and I’ve settled well into my new school and made some good friends.


Then mum showed me Camp In - this fantastic opportunity with Camp Quality where I could finally do something for families affected by cancer. I was so excited and told mum to sign me up straight away.

I originally set my fundraising goal at $250 but when mum shared it on Facebook, so many amazing people just wanted to support me and this great course. I reached my goal within a few hours and had to up my fundraising goal, I’ve since had to change my goal several times and I’m now aiming to raise $3,000.


I’m so excited for this sleepover and my family and I have organised many activities to do, we’re making signs for our campsite and we’ve even got a theme which we’re keeping a secret until the night to surprise everyone. We’ve got a list of yummy snacks that we will have and are busy making props and gathering all the items we need to make this the most epic camp in night possible. We will take heaps of photos and videos to share with everyone of our fun weekend.


This is a sneak peek of one of the signs I’ve made, and I can’t wait for the yummy S'Mores that we’re going to make and toasting the marshmallows.


I’m only 9 years old so I feel so proud of myself for raising so much money for Camp Quality at the moment but I’m more excited that I’ve been able to finally do something to support people and their families with cancer and I’m so happy for this amazing opportunity, I’m excited for the camp in and to see how much I can raise.


We’ve got heaps of cool ideas for our campsite on how it will be set up and the activities we will do, it’s just going to be an amazing weekend with my family.

Thanks, Camp Quality for coming up with this great idea and providing me with an opportunity that I can finally help do something.


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