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Child Life Therapy award

Friday, 27 March 2015

Child Life Therapy award

Our Child Life Therapy Program teaches coping strategies to children in hospital to help them deal with their illness inside and outside of hospital. We currently fund Child Life Therapists at hospitals in NSW and VIC, whose role is to distract a child from the anxiety, pain and trauma of cancer treatment through structured play techniques.

The innovative play techniques help the child to understand and cope with the medical procedures they'll be having. These may involve sharp needles, large pills to swallow, isolation units and lying completely still - all very difficult things for an energetic or frightened young child.

At the recent Child Life Therapy Conference, Camp Quality was awarded a Certificate of Honorary Lifetime Membership from the Association of Child Life Therapists Australia (ACLTA) in recognition of our invaluable and ongoing support of the child life therapy profession.

It was broadly acknowledged at the conference that Camp Quality had been instrumental in enabling the profession to strive for a more unified approach and a stronger and brighter future. Thanks ACLTA and we look forward to expanding this service in the future!

Find out more about ACLTA here.

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