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Lead truck announced for i98FM Illawarra Convoy 2016

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Lead truck announced for i98FM Illawarra Convoy 2016

This Sunday, the team known as ‘The Dandaloo Boys’ will be front and centre leading the trucks at the i98FM Illawarra Convoy, along with Caltex and Kembla Heights Bowling Club leading the motorbikes.

At midday today, bidding between local companies culminated on air with i98FM Breakfast Show hosts Marty Haynes, Fairlie Hamilton and Ryan Cram. It was neck and neck as 'The People’s Truck' and 'The Dandaloo Boys' battled it out for top spot. But, it was the 'Boys’' donation of $300,000 that secured the lead for the group.

'The Dandaloo Boys' are made up of local businesses, The Dandaloo Hotel, Coastal Windows & Doors, Doherty Transport, Illawarra Engineering Services and Snare Fabrication.

The group, who gather regularly at The Dandaloo Hotel, pooled their funds to reach today’s winning amount. Upon hearing the outcome of this morning’s events Ann Tanks, who has been involved with the i98FM Illawarra Convoy for the past 12 years, said

“We need to be aware of all these people, and the effort they’ve put in, and give thanks to each and every one of them. From a dollar all the way through to $300,000, who can believe that our little convoy has reached the heights it’s reached.”

In addition to the $300,000 winning donation, Derek McMahon from the 'People’s Truck' also contributed $215,000, along with MJ Rowles’ $131,000 and Illawarra Truck Repairs and Spares' $102,000.

Yesterday, bidding to lead the motorbikes in the i98FM Illawarra Convoy was carried out with the winning amount of $67,277 going to Caltex and the Mount Kembla Pub, followed by a $24,650 donation from Carr Brothers Motorcycles.

This means that before an engine has even started, the tally of funds raised so far from both the lead truck and bike donations stands at $1,258,177! What a phenomenal result!

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