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OUTRUN CANCER break world records

Thursday, 4 May 2017

OUTRUN CANCER break world records

OUTRUN CANCER, a not-for-profit organisation that encourages people to act against cancer, broke at least three Guinness World Records at the Fitness Show in Sydney, all in the name of Camp Quality!

Through fundraising events, like the Corporate Treadmill Marathon, OUTRUN CANCER raises much-needed money that goes towards:

  • Funding cancer-prevention projects
  • Spreading awareness
  • Improving education about cancer prevention
  • Funding research programs

This year Luca Turrini, OUTRUN CANCER’s founder, set a goal to raise $100,000 for Camp Quality. He sought to support 30 families impacted by cancer for one year, and give them access to all our programs and services.

"For those like me, who have kids or are around kids and have happened to visit a hospital and seen children and families that are doing it tough, 24/7, for weeks and months on end, you will know how important it is that they receive the best support possible.

Camp Quality does an amazing job in providing that support, and it is a privilege to be able to use our passion to give back and make someone else’s life a little better.” - Luca, OUTRUN CANCER Founder and Chief Runner

Not only that, he set himself and the other OUTRUN CANCER teams a huge challenge – to break three Guinness World Records for furthest distances run on a treadmill in 24 hours! In the lead-up to the Fitness Show, OUTRUN CANCER’s teams tirelessly trained and raised funds in preparation for the big day.

All their efforts culminated in three big wins:

  • Male solo record | Luca used all his mental and physical reserves to cover a staggering 261.18km, beating the previous record of 260.4km
  • Female team record | 12 elite runners from around Australia covered 346.24km, beating the previous record of 317km
  • Male team record | 12 elite runners, including 3 Olympians and ultra-distance champions, covered 424.63km (that’s over 10 standard marathons)

"It was never just about the records. Above all it was about using our passion for running to help others and in the process, maybe, just maybe, achieve something truly great. It was about team work. A team is not a group of people who work together, but a group of people who trust each other. During the 24 hours, every single runner, volunteer and supporter was one team all trusting each other 100%. It was about giving it a go, getting totally out of the comfort zone and chasing a dream." - Luca, OUTRUN CANCER Founder and Chief Runner

Get behind OUTRUN CANCER and help them achieve a fourth big win! They have raised $25,238 to date for Camp Quality. Donate to their cause and get them over the line to $100,000!

Fundraise for Camp Quality

Become a fundraiser for Camp Quality today! Fundraisers are the life blood of Camp Quality. We celebrate their innovation, imagination and sheer determination.

If you're into personal challenges or just want to celebrate an occasion, get your friends and family to support you and use this opportunity to raise funds for Camp Quality and help make laughter the best medicine for children living with cancer and their families.

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