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2017 Dick Gillard ILLA winner announced

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

2017 Dick Gillard ILLA winner announced

Every year during National Volunteer Week, Camp Quality honours the incredible efforts and achievements of our Volunteer Family. Without our volunteers, many of our important programs and services simply would not run.

The Dick Gillard Awards recognise excellence in volunteering, and are hard won. The winners display commitment to helping children impacted by cancer, and their families.

2017 Dick Gillard ILLA Volunteer of the Year

The winner of our prestigious Dick Gillard ILLA Volunteer of the Year Award is the phenomenal Nerralie Shaw!

"Nerralie Shaw has been a volunteer with Camp Quality for over 25 years. Nerralie is the epitome of what a volunteer should be, not only as a much sought after medical volunteer, but also as a fantastic role model for others. Whenever she is available, she is happy to help with camps, Nerralie has been to over 45 Recreation Program events, and has also helped with numerous volunteer training days.

Nerralie is always the first to jump up to help out at camp or to try an activity. I don’t think she has had her enthusiasm, passion or smile waiver in the 25 years she has been volunteering for us.” – the Camp Quality ILLA team

We're celebrating volunteering excellence in every state, as well as nationally! Be inspired by the other winners of the Dick Gillard Volunteer of the Year Award:

National winner | Australian Capital Territory | Newcastle | Northern New South Wales | North Queensland | Northern Territory | South Australia | South Queensland | Sydney | Tasmania | Victoria | Western Australia

Volunteer for Camp Quality

Make a difference to the lives of kids impacted by cancer - apply to join Camp Quality's Volunteer Family!

Volunteering with Camp Quality is an experience like no other. Volunteers are the heart of Camp Quality, and without their tremendous support, we wouldn't be able to run our innovative programs and services. That's why we love and respect every one of them, and are committed to creating the greatest volunteering experiences possible.

Currently, we have more boy campers (over 50%), than male companions (less than 30%). That means Camp Quality needs more male volunteers, otherwise boys growing up with cancer will start missing out on our important camps. Help us even the playing field.

If you are a male over 18 years old, it’s time to #BroUp - express your interest to be a camp companion today.

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