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Commonwealth Bank to fund family camps in regional areas

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Commonwealth Bank to fund family camps in regional areas


Camp Quality has recently received 6 community grants from Commonwealth Bank to help fund some our regional family camps. The grants will fund a regional family camp within the Coffs Harbour region, Newcastle, Sydney and Victoria as well as support a newly diagnosed child for a year within ACT and Illawarra.

Family Camps reduce fear and anxiety by offering opportunities to interact with others and learn ways to cope with cancer. By participating with their family initially, children build greater independence. Meeting new friends during this program often results in a willingness to participate in future events.

“The sense of community they create is priceless. It gave us hope, fun, laughter and friends who care, it’s the best thing we ever did. I can honestly say they saved our family” CQ Parent

By building this positivity in kids, we strengthen their ability to deal with everything that life will throw at them. This relief has a flow on effect to family, extended family, friends and the wider community. Positive psychologists agree that looking forward to experiences creates future minded thinking which is a vital component of coping with a long term crisis.

Often held in regional locations, they build capacity of communities to support children locally and also reach vulnerable parents who have become so isolated by their child’s cancer treatment. As with all our programs we rely on fundraising from local community corporations, foundations and grants to continue providing our optimistic and resilient building programs.

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