Vuly supports Giggle Ball Brisbane - Camp Quality
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Vuly supports Giggle Ball Brisbane

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Vuly supports Giggle Ball Brisbane

In celebration of our inaugural Giggle Ball in Brisbane, Vuly have kindly donated their largest trampoline, the Thunder Trampoline, to be raffled off at the event.

The team at Vuly are passionate about working with community organisations and charities to encourage kids to get outdoors and be active. Camp Quality believes laughter is the best medicine, and one way to live this mantra is to get outside and have fun!

On numerous occasions researchers have indicated that playing outside is phenomenal for your health, and it doesn’t matter what age you are! With that being said, kids can benefit even more because their bodies are still busy developing.

Here are five reasons why every parent should encourage their kids to play outside:

Boosts Vitamin D

When people are out in the sun, their bodies automatically begin producing Vitamin D, but this vitamin is only found in a few types of food. If you aren’t getting enough it could lead to Vitamin D deficiency. Spending just a small amount of time in the sun can eliminate this risk.

Boosts the immune system

When children play outside and they come into contact with certain germs, bacteria, and viruses, they inadvertently build up resistance. Subsequently their immune system gets stronger and more efficient.

Enhances vision

Studies have shown that children develop better distance vision if they are exposed to an adequate amount of strong natural light; 14 hours per week is sufficient enough to start benefiting a child’s eyesight.

Improved muscle development and motor skills

When kids are playing outside, their muscles are constantly working, which naturally helps muscles develop and improve motor skills.

Reduces stress and anxiety

When children are outside having fun they don’t have the time to dwell on stressful ideas which can make them feel anxious. This anxiety-reducing effect continues even after they go back indoors because the outdoor activity will have triggered a number of physiological and psychological responses.

About Giggle Ball

Established in 2007, Camp Quality Giggle Ball was the creation of four Newcastle based Camp Quality volunteers. They wanted to launch a fundraiser that encapsulated Camp Quality’s ethos of fun and positivity, and so Giggle Ball was born.

Today Camp Quality Giggle Ball is a signature fundraising event now held in seven locations across Australia, including ArmidaleBrisbaneCanberraIllawarraNewcastlePerth and Sydney.

Each location’s Giggle Ball is unique, but all are infused in Camp Quality’s spirit of fun and positivity. The events bring communities together to giggle, party and give.

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