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West Beach Lions Club help with respite for SA families

Saturday, 27 February 2016

West Beach Lions Club help with respite for SA families


The cancer experience is often long and arduous, leaving families with little time to unwind and connect. Back in 2003 a Jayco Caravan and hard-sided annex were donated to Camp Quality by the CBA Foundation. Its purpose was to be a place of much needed respite for our families. It has since been permanently sited at the West Beach Adelaide Shores Caravan Park thanks to Adelaide Shores.

Around 45 families use this facility every year and it adds such value to their lives. They love having free accommodation that fits the needs of their entire family, especially during periods when time away is vital.

The caravan park sits right on the beach boasting two beautiful swimming pools, a water play area, jumping pillows and play equipment. It’s the perfect environment for kids to create memories filled with unbridled fun, away from the stresses of a cancer diagnosis. Our regional families also use it for free accommodation when travelling to Adelaide for their child’s treatment.

“We had a beautiful day and did not want to leave! The kidlets and I would be quite happy living here but we’ve cleaned the van, are almost packed and ready for home. Thank you Camp Quality for the amazing holiday :) We had loads of fun, laughter and beautiful memories.”A Camp Quality parent.

A lovely volunteer named Joan offered her services to clean the caravan. However, she is now 76 years old and while she continues to do an incredible job maintaining the cleanliness of the site, there are tasks which require more assistance. The air-conditioner and fridge need to be cleaned and serviced regularly to run efficiently, the cupboards constantly need clearing out, and broken or missing items need replacing. The bikes that are available for families to use also require regular maintenance. The exterior of the caravan and annex were also in need of rejuvenation to maintain both the look and integrity of the site. With so many families coming and going, these small but many jobs needed to be attended to, but we couldn’t fund anyone to take the role.

The Lions Club of West Beach heard Heather Keele (Camp Quality South Australia and Northern Territory's State Manager) speak at one of their conferences, and she mentioned this as an area of immediate need:

“Although our families have enjoyed staying at the caravan, it is looking quite tired and in need of some love. Having it newly refurbished will truly give them the break they deserve and need from hospital and the stresses of having a child impacted by cancer. It will also give us peace of mind knowing we can offer them a facility that is thoroughly clean and maintained inside and out - that they have everything they need to enjoy their stay.”

The Lions Club of West Beach had been looking for an on-going project in their area that they could own and be proud of, so they took the job on starting with a big spring clean in early February 2017. They purchased new bikes and helmets, as well as a shed to house them in, carried out numerous small repair jobs, and cleaned and replaced linens. It was an incredible team effort with up to seven club members working on-site at a time.

To everyone from the Lions Club of West Beach, thank you for your support. It means so very much to our families.

How we help

Our programs are designed to foster strength, confidence and courage – at hospital, at home, at school and out in the community. We bring optimism and resilience to families living through one of the most traumatic times of their lives.

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