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Who Are Our 2019 Crowned Cherry Ball Prince and Princess?

Monday, 2 December 2019

Who Are Our 2019 Crowned Cherry Ball Prince and Princess?

Camp Quality's Annual Cherry Ball is a hallmark event in the South Australian calendar, raising an exceptional amount of money for kids facing cancer.


This year’s Cherry Princess is Allegra:


Allegra is a sweet 9 year old girl who was diagnosed in March 2019 with Rhabdomyosarcoma, a tumour behind her right eye.

Allegra lives at home with her mum, Tracey, dad, Tim, and baby brother, Peyton.  She attends Greenwith Primary School and was thrilled when our famous Camp Quality puppets visited her school to educate the school on cancer.

Allegra has such a positive attitude and has done some fundraising to raise awareness for childhood cancer.  She had a ‘hair party’ to cut her hair short and raise money for childhood cancer before starting treatment.  She managed to raise over $8,000, Camp Quality were lucky enough to receive $4,000 of this.

Treatment for Allegra involved chemotherapy every week for about 6 months along with five weeks of radiation therapy.  She became well known at the Royal Adelaide Hospital where she went for her radiation every weekday morning.  Allegra did what was needed of her, most of the time with a smile on her face and a spring in her step.  She brightened the days of the staff as well as the other patients going through radiation, especially when Allegra and her friend, Daisy would dress up in Dumbo/Unicorn onesies to attend the hospital.

Allegra is such a kind and caring soul with an infectious laugh and beautiful smile.   She continues to inspire everyone with her amazing strength and generosity.

Allegra has been through, seen and heard more than what a nine year old should but at the end of the day she still smiles and enjoys the simple things, playing with her brother and going to school to be with her friends.  We all need to take a leaf out of her book, enjoy the simple things, do what makes you happy and don’t wait, your life could change in an instant.


This year’s Cherry Prince is Henry:


Henry is a 9 year old boy who was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (ALL) at 7 years of age.

He lives at home with his mum Angela, Dad Jack, older sister Natalie (10 years) and baby brother Bradley (2 years), at Kapunda.  As you can imagine, the constant travel back and forth was a challenge for the Mickan’s, especially when Henry spiked temperatures and would need urgent care at Women’s & Children’s Hospital.

Henry was diagnosed on 18th May 2017, which was devastating for the whole family.  The Mickan family had to deal not only with the shock cancer diagnosis, but less than 48 hours later, on 20th May - baby Bradley was born.

What a gamut of emotions this family had to endure at this time of their lives.

He attends Kapunda Primary School with his sister Natalie. When Henry was newly diagnosed, a visit by the Camp Quality puppets was arranged, to educate the school on cancer and give Natalie some support.  Talking about the side effects of cancer treatment e.g. hair loss due to chemotherapy, prepared his school friends for possible changes in appearance and also alleviate instances of teasing/bullying.

Henry is still receiving maintenance chemotherapy over 2 years later.  Whilst the ‘worst’ part is over, there are still many impacts that having cancer has had on Henry’s life. 

Unfortunately, Henry is still yet to attend his first kids aged camp.  Sadly, he had fallen ill in the week leading up to camp the past 3 years and when you are sick, you can't attend for your own safety, as well as the health of other children on camp. How disappointing for young Henry to keep missing out - He has however enjoyed attending a family camp, as well as several family experiences and family fun days, so has had some wonderful times with Camp Quality.

Henry is such a lovely young boy, who has taken this cancer journey in his stride and faced many challenges with courage, humility and resilience.



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