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Kalani's Story 

After being diagnosed with brain cancer, Kalani lost her childhood to radiation treatments, surgeries, sickness and needles. Kalani should have been learning to walk and talk and play with other kids. Instead, doctors and nurses were her best friends.


Kalani’s cancer did not just stop with her, but also took an enormous toll on her 8-year-old brother Kallen and 4-year-old sister Khaleesi.  They both adored their baby sister – but had their time with her cruelly taken away. Kalani's mum Charlene remembers,

“Kalani and I were in hospital for most of her two years of treatment. Her sister and brother were effectively denied a mother in their lives. Our family was split in two. We lived separate lives.”


When Charlene received the invite to attend a Camp Quality Family Camp, in the snow, she knew all her children desperately needed relief from this dark and frightening time. They needed to escape the hospital, reconnect as a family and just have some fun together.

Charlene says
“In my mind, that trip was our first real memory as a family. We never could have done that trip without Camp Quality, because all our money went on Kalani’s treatment. Camp Quality gave us five beautiful days with our little girl with her loving brother and sister, that we will cherish in our hearts forever.”

It is thanks to Camp Quality supporters that Charlene's family were able to make those precious memories. 

When you donate to Camp Quality, you help families like Charlene's escape from cancer on a much needed Family Camp. 



Soon after they returned from their Family Camp, doctors found that Kalani’s cancer was spreading rapidly – and incurable. Charlene says,

“It felt like someone had ripped out my heart and stomped on in. They said my baby was dying, and there was nothing I could do about it.  There was no other hope, no other treatment.”

Just weeks later, on Charlene’s birthday, at two-and-a-half years of age, her angel died in her arms.

Thanks to Camp Quality supporters, Charlene’s grief-stricken family was given a chance to be together at a Family Retreat in Salamander Bay.  It was a time to come together in a peaceful environment and remember the beautiful little girl they loved. Charlene says,

“Losing Kalani was very traumatic, very overwhelming. But the happy memories that Camp Quality gave our family were a huge relief psychologically. We really appreciated every one. That’s what I hold close to my heart.”


Camp Quality needs the help of Australians, now more than even to continue to help families like Kalani’s create positive memories that bring much-needed relief from the fear and sadness of cancer.

Please donate and help bring kids and families facing cancer some much needed relief from the darkness of cancer with Family Camps & Retreats as soon as it is safe.