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Zoe was only three years old when she was diagnosed with leukaemia and began chemotherapy. By the time she had started kindergarten, her hair had already fallen out twice.

Zoe’s mum says that the other kids at kindergarten treated her differently because of her short hair.  

"There were comments like, 'why is that boy wearing a dress?' Zoe used to get really upset."

Thankfully, Camp Quality supporters like you sent these joyful Puppets into Zoe's school:

Sadly, many schools around the country are missing out on this vital cancer education. Which means many children still face being bullied or left out because of what they’ve been through.

Cancer forces children to suffer so much in the first place. 

It’s doubly cruel that some are also being teased, humiliated and left out at school.

No child should have to suffer in silence. 

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Camp Quality Puppets truly transform the cancer story for kids like Zoe. You’ll help protect them being bullied, excluded and feeling anxious, and stop cancer from taking even more of their childhood.

Sadly, you and I can’t stop children from getting cancer. But we can make sure they don’t suffer at school because of it.

A kind gift from you will help bring Camp Quality’s Puppet Shows to more kids like Zoe.