Childhood Cancer Awareness Month - Camp Quality
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Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

This Childhood Cancer Awareness Month we're joining other organisations across the world to raise awareness of the types of cancers that affect children, as well as to help raise funds for much-needed family support.

We'd also love you to show your support.

Stories of childhood cancer

Charlene's Story

After being diagnosed with brain cancer, Kalani lost her childhood to radiation treatments, surgeries, sickness and needles. Kalani should have been learning to walk and talk and play with other kids. Instead, doctors and nurses were her best friends.

Kalani’s cancer did not just stop with her, but also took an enormous toll on her 8-year-old brother Kallen and 4-year-old sister Khaleesi.  They both adored their baby sister – but had their time with her cruelly taken away. Kalani's mum Charlene remembers,

“Kalani and I were in hospital for most of her two years of treatment. Her sister and brother were effectively denied a mother in their lives. Our family was split in two. We lived separate lives.”


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Jess & Louanne's Story

After she watched her precious 2-year-old daughter Jade fight a rare and aggressive cancer diagnosis, Jess realised how important it is to support families facing cancer just like hers. Since finding Camp Quality’s mission, she has been supporting us for an amazing 10 years, bringing laughter, joy and most importantly, hope to get through the cancer journey stronger - together.

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At only 14-years-old, Louanne founded a support group to help feed South Australians in need. Since her first volunteering experience, Louanne has devoted almost 3 whole decades in her mission to make a difference in the lives of kids facing cancer, with an amazing 12 years as Camp Leader at family camps planning the fun-filled 3-day experience for families going through a child’s cancer journey.

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