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We’re in every children's cancer ward across Australia with the incredible Camp Quality Puppets, our hospital support teams, and the Child Life Therapists, all of who minimise anxiety, pain and the trauma of treatment through innovative play and gentle understanding.

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Child Life Therapy

During a child’s cancer treatment cycle, a Child Life Therapist encourages coping skills through play, education and distraction, helping to minimise stress and anxiety.

The better a child’s experience in a hospital setting, the better their long-term psychological wellbeing. Educating patients about procedures can also lead to a reduced need for general anaesthetic or sedation, reducing stress on the body.

Child Life Therapists work in hospitals and teach children strategies that help them manage their illness both on the ward and once they are discharged.

Camp Quality is one of the major funders of Child Life Therapy positions in Australia. In NSW, Child Life Therapists are present at John Hunter Hospital in Newcastle. We also fund Child Life Therapists in Victoria at the Royal Children’s Hospital and Monash Medical Centre.

Who is it for:

Parent of a child with cancer   Health Professional


At Hospital


Programs are available in NSW and in VIC

Benefits of Child Life Therapy

  • Research shows that Child Life Therapy can improve a child’s coping skills during the cancer treatment cycle
  • Improved experience in hospital leads to better long-term mental and physical wellbeing for children
  • Treatment education can reduce the need for pain intervention and stress on the body
  • Child Life Therapists takes into account the wellbeing of the entire family, including siblings

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