Matthew Butcher - Camp Quality
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Matthew Butcher



Top chef Matthew Butcher describes himself as ‘a lad from the country who had a dream to become a chef, set out to make it happen and is now living that dream’. And now that he has nailed that goal, Matthew is helping Camp Quality give back a little, by giving kids facing cancer the chance to be kids again. 

Many of Matthew's dishes are inspired by his favourite childhood memories, and this is an indication of how important a happy childhood is to him. It is also the reason he’s dedicated to ensuring children facing cancer don’t miss out on one.  Cue Matthew’s inaugural Camp Quality fundraising event Off the Menu, in which chefs from around the country generously donate their time, staff and produce to create a unique five-course menu paired with wine to raise money for the cause.  

 After three successful events raising over $350,000 in total, Matthew is well and truly making those happy childhood memories a reality.

"My dad suffered from cancer and I know the effect it has on a family, so I can only imagine what the kids and their parents go through. When someone from Camp Quality asked me to join the family, I didn't think for a second. It was a straight yes. Now, here were are trying to do everything we can to keep raising funds to keep this charity growing stronger and stronger."