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Investment strategy

Our Investment Strategy

At Camp Quality we believe it is our responsibility to strategically invest donated funds in a manner that is both ethical, and of long-term benefit to all children and their families impacted by cancer in Australia.

Below are some key sections of our Investment Policy - read the full document here.


Investment Objectives

  1. The Principal Aim of Investment

    The purpose of the Camp Quality’s investment portfolio is:
    1. To provide funds to be available for use in case of catastrophic events, leveraging strategic opportunities for managing the growth of the organisation and meet operational temporary working capital deficits;
    2. To ensure that prudent medium-term and long-term returns are maintained within reasonable and accepted levels of risk;
    3. To grow the underlying capital base of Camp Quality to assist in offsetting and managing the effects of inflation, and cash flow requirements over the short-, medium- and long-term; and
    4. To maintain an appropriate asset allocation to achieve the above.
  2. Purpose of Investment Policy

    The primary purpose of the Investment Policy is:
    1. To protect and manage funds under management from ad hoc initiatives;
    2. To maintain a long-term outlook when short-term market movements may be distressing;
    3. To refine the criteria to evaluate different investment opportunities and managers; and
    4. To allow Camp Quality to review the performance of the portfolio and the asset classes which comprise the investment portfolio against appropriately established benchmarks.

The overarching objective of this Policy is to define the investment objectives and assist Camp Quality and its appointed Investment Manager(s) to effectively manage, supervise, monitor and evaluate the management of the Camp Quality’s funds and other assets invested.


Prohibited Investments

Camp Quality’s funds must be invested in compliance with all applicable laws. In addition, the Investment Policy will take into account ethical, social, environmental and sustainable implications of all investments. In particular, no funds will be invested in tobacco, nor in assets whose returns are significantly reliant on alcohol, weapons and firearms, pornography and gambling, or in organisations involved in violation of human rights. The Fund Manager will be required to provide a declaration on an annual basis that Camp Quality’s funds are not invested in prohibited investments.

For Australian investments, the ASX General Industry Classification System (GICS) will be used to determine the categorised activities of a company.


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