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Our strategy

Our strategy


Why is it an exciting time at Camp Quality?

  • Our program goal is to deliver programs to families with even more relevance, equity, reach and effectiveness across the entire cancer experience.
  • Our focus is on sustainable and well-resourced expansion to ensure we meet the changing needs of every child living with cancer and their families in Australia.

In July 2012 Camp Quality embarked on the most significant growth and expansion in our 30 year history. This involved expanding our current programs and developing new ones to meet the specific needs of every child living with cancer in Australia, no matter where they live or where they are in their cancer experience.

After extensive consultation and feedback from families, health professionals, staff and volunteers our 2012-2017 Strategic Plan began. Our Family Research Project provided us with an even greater understanding of the psychosocial needs of children with cancer, their siblings and parents throughout their cancer experience. The results informed key decisions to ensure we become even more relevant and effective in providing greater support to families throughout Australia. We are also committed to working more closely with other Not for Profit organisations to reduce confusion, duplication and ensure we deliver specialised services within our programs.

We look forward to updating you as our plan continues to unfold.

View 2012-2017 strategic plan

Our story so far

We've created this video to explain where we've been and our plans for the future.