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Voting members

Voting Members

Camp Quality welcomes a diverse membership to reflect the optimistic and fun spirit of supporting children and their families affected by cancer.

Directors and staff are committed to being accountable to Members. As part of our constitution, to become a Voting Member of Camp Quality you are required to submit a personal nomination form.

This includes being nominated by a current Camp Quality Member and a $25 annual fee. However the fee is waived for any parent or carer of a current Camp Quality patient each year until the patient turns 13. The fee is also waived for any parent or carer of a deceased patient.

How membership works

Membership is available to any person with a committment to Camp Quality’s objectives and mission who wishes to contribute to the cause. The Directors will consider each application for membership at the next Board meeting after the application is received. The Directors may:

  • accept or reject the application;
  • or ask the applicant to give more evidence of eligibility for membership.

Responsibilities of members

Membership allows you one vote on any resolution at any general meeting of Camp Quality either in person or by proxy, however there is no obligation to vote. The only obligation of a member is in the case of the organisation winding up. Under the constitution, if Camp Quality were to be wound up and there were debts/liabilities outstanding, each Member and each person who has ceased to be a Member in the preceding year would be liable up to an amount of $10. Please see section 54 of the constitution.

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