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Taking a positive step to support Camp Quality

By Ben Murphy - Newcastle Weekly

It’s not so much about the distance covered, but the reason behind it.

Families facing cancer are isolated now more than ever, with compromised immune systems meaning every germ is a serious threat, not just COVID-19.

When Australia’s isolation finally ends, stress and anxiety will still be a constant presence for Camp Quality families.

In a bid to help, the national charity has launched an inaugural COVID-safe challenge, which is raising much-needed funds for children facing cancer.

The Big Walk for Little Kids asks everyday Australians to lace up their joggers and cover a total of 25, 50 or 100 kilometres this month.

Newcastle’s Maddy Bartlett says she decided to sign up after discovering the pandemic’s impact on Camp Quality’s fundraising efforts.

“I’ve been a volunteer with Camp Quality for three years and I know how hard it is to get fundraising at the moment with COVID and everything,” she says.

“So, doing the walk is just that little bit of extra help.”

Maddy, who has set a minimum fundraising target of $500, plans to walk at least 100 kilometres before the end of October.


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