Families nationally get their Kid-ness on for Christmas! - Camp Quality
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Families nationally get their Kid-ness on for Christmas!

Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Families nationally get their Kid-ness on for Christmas!

Santa’s sleigh may not be arriving just yet, but the gift of Kid-ness was in abundance as hundreds of Camp Quality families came together across the country for end of year Family Fun Days in true Camp Quality style.

From Luna Park in Sydney to Flipout in Darwin, our Camp Quality families enjoyed time together with a special day out at one of 10 Camp Quality Christmas Parties nationally.  The benefits of our Family Fun Days are huge, giving families with children impacted by cancer the chance to take time out together, meet and connect with other families, and enjoy brief moments of respite, fun and laughter.  

Amusement park rides, wildlife trails and water slides were the order of the day to get the party started for the Clements family, who spent the day splashing about at Gumbuya World, Victoria’s newest theme park.  

Simone Clements, mother of Hayden, Riley and Carlee, said family time is more precious than ever these days, especially true for those families affected by childhood cancer.

“Camp Quality brings families together and provides us with an opportunity to have some family fun which is a welcome distraction from some of the harsh realities we face,” said Simone.

With Hayden, Riley and Carlee describing this year’s Christmas party as “simply epic,” they all agreed the best part of the day was doing the one thing they love the most – spending time as a family.

“We are forever grateful to have the support of Camp Quality. Attending the Camp Quality Christmas party at Gumbuya World was without a doubt a highlight of the year!  It was also lovely to catch up with families we’ve met on our journey outside of the hospital,” said Simone’s husband, Richard.
Camp Quality would like to thank all our families who came out to bring some Kid-ness joy to our end of year celebrations.

We’d also like to extend a special thank you to our generous Partners who made these events possible, including John Higgins and Fox Family (Victoria), Sarraf Strata (New South Wales) and Tour de Cure (Newcastle, Tasmania and Victoria).

DID YOU KNOW??? Last year, Camp Quality hosted over 50 Family Fun Days nationally for more than 1,200 families.

To find out more about our Family Fun Days, click here.

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