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24-Hour Antarctic Challenge

Wednesday, 28 November 2018

24-Hour Antarctic Challenge

Last month, Camp Quality volunteer, Scott Clifford and the Casey Research Station Team based in Antarctica, took on a 24-hour fitness challenge to raise much needed funds for Australian kids impacted by cancer.

Both staff and crew members participated in the challenge where each expeditioner was required to complete a fitness relay on a piece of gym equipment, yoga or any other fitness activity of their choosing, in their allocated hour timeslot. 

They began at 5pm on Friday, running, riding, rowing and yoga-ing into the night, morning and night again. Pauses were only made to repair the treadmill due to overheating from an inclined run at 5am and relocating the treadmill so that the whole team could enjoy a movie together in the same room.

At 12pm on Saturday, Scott took up the next 4 hours and 13 minutes running his first ever marathon and tagged in Troy to complete the challenge on the treadmill.

Altogether, the team covered a total of 232.96 kilometres and raised over $2500 for Camp Quality.

A huge thank you and congratulations to the Scott and the Casey team for participating and everyone who supported them. 

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