Greater Charitable Foundation celebrates fifth birthday - Camp Quality
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Greater Charitable Foundation celebrates fifth birthday

Friday, 8 July 2016

Greater Charitable Foundation celebrates fifth birthday

Greater Charitable Foundation has been supporting Camp Quality’s Child Life Therapy Program in Newcastle since 2014, funding therapists in the John Hunter Children’s Hospital.

With their support, we’re able to help children living with cancer during their treatment access Child Life Therapy sessions, which use structured play techniques to distract them from anxiety, pain, and the trauma of cancer treatments.

To celebrate 5 years since the Greater Charitable Foundation distributed its first allocation of funding, and the incredible changes they’ve created in that time, a display has been erected in Civic Park, Newcastle from the 8th to the 9th of July.

Close to 3,000 pinwheels are placed in the park, spelling out the word ‘CHANGE’ to symbolise the positive impact the foundation’s funding has created for the charities they’ve supported over the last 5 years.

Members of the public are invited to walk through the installation and place their own pinwheel. There will also be an accessible viewing platform next to the installation for members of the public to view and take photos from above.

On attending the launch of the Greater Charitable Foundation’s marketing installation in Civic Park, Michelle Youngberry, Camp Quality Newcastle's Regional Manager said:

"We’re so grateful for the ongoing support of the Greater Charitable Foundation in Newcastle - in particular, their support of our Child Life Therapy Program in the local children’s hospital. Without their partnership, we wouldn’t be able to fund our essential Child Life Therapist, Veronica Oakley, who makes a tremendous and ongoing difference to the experience children living with cancer have in the hospital."

Thank you, Greater Charitable Foundation, for your continued support and congratulations on your fifth birthday celebration!

About Camp Quality's Child Life Therapy Program

Child Life Therapists work in hospitals and teach children strategies that help them manage their illness inside and outside hospital.

Camp Quality is one of the major funders of Child Life Therapy positions in Australia.

During a child’s cancer treatment cycle, a Child Life Therapist encourages coping skills through play, education and distraction, helping to minimise stress and anxiety.

The better a child’s experience in a hospital setting, the better their long-term psychological wellbeing. Educating patients about procedures can also lead to a reduced need for general anaesthetic or sedation, reducing stress on the body.

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