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Maddison's Family Camp Experience

Tuesday, 14 September 2021

Maddison's Family Camp Experience

For many, a cancer diagnosis is the beginning of a long journey, leaving families feeling isolated from their loved ones.

In 2018, three-year-old Maddison from Townsville was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia (AML). There are no treatment options for AML in North Queensland, meaning Maddison had to travel over 1,000 kilometres to Brisbane for treatment. 

Annika says the hardest thing about Maddison's diagnosis was being so far away from their support network, family and friends. A massive change in such little time takes it toll but Maddison and Annika can reflect on positive memories of their hospital stay, with the help of Camp Quality.

“Maddison missed her extended family so much, but the Camp Quality Puppet hospital visits gave her something to look forward to and laugh about even on the worst days.”

In the last week of August, Maddison and Annika attended a Camp Quality Family Camp, where families facing cancer have the chance to reconnect and make fond memories outside of cancer.

This QLD camp invited 14 families to enjoy a relaxed weekend at Cairns Coconut Holiday Park. The event hosted mini golf, a wildlife show and a family morning at Timezone. The beautiful weather gave families plenty of time to relax in the pool with arts, crafts and board games for all to use.

Nearly 4,500 kids facing cancer attended almost 200 Camp Quality Family Camps in the past five years, to reconnect as a family and make happy new memories. Family Camps give families a chance to connect with families in a similar situation and realise they aren't alone. 

Now in remission, Maddison is focusing on her physiotherapy as cancer treatment has affected the muscles in her arms and legs. Her family can reflect on their time at Family Camp fondly and the happy memories they made together. 

Want to give more families like Maddison's the chance to have a break from cancer and make happy new memories? 


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