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Congratulations Georgia and Victoria!

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Congratulations Georgia and Victoria!


Congratulations to Georgia Lowry and Victoria O’Neill, who have both won a Western Australia’s Pride of Australia’s People Choice Medal. We’re so proud of you!

Georgia was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of leukaemia at just 8 weeks old. Georgia’s older sister Grace saved her life by donating bone marrow making Georgia the youngest ever recipient of a bone marrow transplant in Australia at the time. But, a year later, Georgia relapsed. Doctors told Georgia’s mum there was no way she’d survive. She was told to say goodbye to her daughter. Georgia’s mum begged doctors to give her anything that’d prolong Georgia’s life long enough to take her on one final family holiday. They put Georgia on steroids and miraculously, it slowed the cancer.

A second bone marrow transplant was attempted (this time from her brother Tom) and – against all odds - it was successful, making Georgia one of a tiny number of survivors of two bone marrow transplants in the world. Georgia is now 21 and is inspiring children living with cancer as a Camp Quality Companion Volunteer.

Since her eldest son Harry was diagnosed with bone cancer in 2011, mum of three Victoria has organised an annual skydiving event, raising funds for the fight against childhood cancer. Now in its fourth year, Victoria has successfully raised $20 000 for Camp Quality through the event.

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