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Capes for Cancer - a Day for Jackson

Monday, 14 September 2015

Capes for Cancer - a Day for Jackson


A family friend’s idea that Jackson, five, wear a cape to harness superhero powers to help his fight against cancer, evolved into a fundraising quiz night that has successfully raised $7,200 for Camp Quality.

Jackson and his friends wore capes to school on Friday 4th September, supporting Jackson and raising awareness of childhood cancer. Handmade by a family friend, the 73 capes featured yellow fabric on one side (gold symbolises awareness of childhood cancer) and a superhero print on the reverse.

Jackson’s mum, Tanya, says “Jackson was three when he was diagnosed with Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma. As we sat in the hospital’s emergency waiting room, 101 things were going through my mind. We were moving into a new house that week and I still had so many things to do. I had no idea what was about to hit me.”

“We were given the life-changing news that our son had cancer. As I sat there, I just couldn’t understand how this world could be without Jackson in it, without his crazy sense of humour, how was I going to give birth to the baby growing inside of me when I could lose my firstborn.”

“As Jackson has got older he has started to ask more questions about his cancer or as we call it, the monsters in his chest. One I will never forget is when he asked “If God can do miracles why can’t he fix me?”

“Jackson is now going through his last round of chemotherapy, with his official end of treatment being the 27th of September. After that he will have tests every month for five years to ensure the cancer does not return. We are thankful every day that Jackson was given a chance to fight his cancer. I hope events like Capes for Cancer not only raise money but raise awareness, so no family has to fight this alone.”

Jackson’s family and friends are hoping to hold a ‘Capes for Cancer’ event every September, raising awareness of childhood cancer.


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