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Research shows that optimistic and resilient people are happier, healthier and live longer. People with good wellbeing are also better equipped to adapt to change, complexity and adversity and build more productive relationships. It's clear that when we feel good, we do better! 

These proven principles of positive psychology form the foundations of everything we do at Camp Quality. To support our staff and volunteers to be consistently resilient and optimistic, we collaborated with world-leading psychologists and consultants to create a science-based wellbeing program known as ORANGES. 

The ORANGES program was originally delivered as engaging 2-day workshops based on the science of positive psychology, emotional intelligence and neuroscience, linked to academic research from the world’s leading universities such as Harvard, Stanford, Pennsylvania, Melbourne and Oxford. It offered measurable outcomes and evidence-informed practical tools that could be immediately implemented to improve wellbeing, collaboration and performance. 

The ORANGES program was so effective, that in 2017 we decided to share it with our partners and other organisations through the establishment of our social enterprise, The Oranges Toolkit.  

The Oranges Toolkit is now an award-winning, certified social enterprise that offers a wide range of science-based, in-person and online workplace wellbeing solutions, including:  

  • Strategic consultation and wellbeing audits 
  • Wellbeing workshops (In person or online) 
  • A self-directed e-learning program 
  • Targeted webinars 
  • Events and keynotes 
  • Leadership and coaching programs 
  • Behaviour change tools (such as a micro-learning app series) 

The Oranges Toolkit has helped thousands of individuals, teams and more than 70 organisations Australia-wide including DHL Express, Motorola Solutions, SafeWork SA, The Australian Institute of Sport and Roche to boost employee wellbeing and emotional agility. Profits from the impactful programs are returned to Camp Quality, meaning these organisations are also directly helping us to support kids facing cancer. 

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Resilience and agility at work 

Organisations that invest in the vital skills of wellbeing and resilience have been shown to get better business results, with improvements to employee engagement levels, teamwork, productivity and organisational performance. In fact, the Australian Productivity Commission reports that for every $1 invested in proactive mental health and wellbeing initiatives, organisations see returns of up to $4 and average returns of $2.30. 

Organisations choose to partner with The Oranges Toolkit because it delivers: 

  • Highly interactive, fun, transformative training experiences that are grounded in science and action oriented 
  • Evidence-informed practical tools that can be used immediately to drive noticeable behaviour change 
  • Measurable outcomes in overall wellbeing, specific skill areas, teamwork and collaboration, cultural change and business performance 
  • Sustained, flexible customer service and engaging content to support ongoing learning and embed positive change 
  • Profits to Camp Quality support kids facing cancer 

The unique seven segment framework 

The Oranges Toolkit's framework uniquely applies the latest academic research from renowned scientific fields across seven segments of wellbeing that form the acronym of ORANGES:  

  • Optimism – the feeling of being hopeful about the future or the success of a particular thing 

    • Learn tools to create flexible, optimistic thinking habits which enable you to focus on positive outcomes, remain persistent, deal with unexpected change and stay motivated 

  • Resilience – the capacity to withstand and adapt to challenges and changes 

    • Develop the capacity to not just bounce back, but bounce forward from challenges and change, applying practical and simple tools to build emotional agility 

  • Attitude (mindset) – a way of thinking or feeling that we bring to every situation 

    • Learn the powerful impact that our attitudes and choices play on our wellbeing and relationships. Explore ways to become ‘better at stress’ and adopt a 'growth mindset' to be more motivated  

  • Now (mindfulness) – being able to focus your attention and be present without judgement  

    • Learn the tools to be more focused and less distracted so you can put things into perspective, gain more control of your emotions and feel more engaged 

  • Gratitude – the quality of being thankful; ready to show appreciation and to return kindness  

    • Learn the importance of building the super skill of gratitude to boost happiness, performance and team connectedness 

  • Energy – the strength and vitality required for sustained mental or physical activity 

    • Learn how our emotions impact our energy and explore practical ways to shift our mood through sleep, movement, nutrition and nurturing quality relationships  

  • Strengths – a particular way of behaving, thinking or feeling that is deeply energising and authentic to the user 

    • Learn how to capitalise on strengths to feel more engaged, energised, productive and happier individually, as a team and across your organisation 

Ready to achieve your personnel best? 

If you are ready to create a great workplace culture and help your employees to be more engaged and agile at work, visit The Oranges Toolkit website,  or contact the team on 1300 857 425 or info@theorangestoolkit.com.au.