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Our social enterprise

At Camp Quality, the proven principles of positive psychology form the foundations of everything we do. That’s why we have developed The ORANGES Toolkit to extend our positive psychology training (ORANGES) to help individuals, teams and entire businesses perform at their best. Launched as a wholly owned subsidiary of Camp Quality in January 2017, profits from the delivery of this program to external clients now directly support Camp Quality’s ongoing work.

The ORANGES Toolkit is a two day, instruction-led program using practical, measurable and research-based tools. It provides participants with a set of skills to enhance their mental wellbeing and build resilience strategies which enable them to flourish.

Research shows that optimistic and resilient people are happier, live longer and are healthier. They are also more productive, more engaged and display more pro-social behaviour. This has a positive impact on those around them and the organisations they are part of.

ORANGES was originally developed in Sydney in consultation with leading experts at Emotional Intelligence Worldwide and is based on the science of positive psychology, emotional intelligence and neuroscience. It is linked to academic research from the world’s leading universities such as Harvard, Stanford, Pennsylvania, Melbourne and Oxford.

Following the success of ORANGES, Camp Quality created The ORANGES Toolkit and has provided the program to other organisations, such as KPMG, Estee Lauder Companies and APN Media.

The ORANGES Toolkit stands apart from other training programs for 4 key reasons

  • The financial impacts can be measured by businesses to gauge a return on investment.
  • Changes in attitudes that affect performance can be measured in 7 self-reported inventories.
  • The behavioural change and approach people bring to the workplace is obvious the next day.
  • Practical, research and evidence based tools can be implemented immediately.

The ORANGES Toolkit includes seven facilitator-led and measurable workshops

  • Optimism - learn tools to create optimistic thinking habits to increase focus, persistence, motivation and become more open to change. Expected outcomes include increased innovation and a growth mindset.
  • Resilience - develop the capacity to withstand and adapt to life's challenges and from this learn to grow and develop. Outcomes include developing resilient coping strategies to bounce back from adversity to not only survive, but to thrive.
  • Attitude - learn to develop a mindset to become more positive, flexible and motivated. Outcomes include understanding what drives our behaviour and attitude and how to manage and maximise this for greater personal control and creativity.
  • Now (Mindfulness) – train to be more mindful and increase capacity to put things into perspective, experience less stress, gain greater focus and be more engaged. Learn simple and practical tools to create greater meaning, connection and curiosity.
  • Gratitude – understand how gratitude can be a powerful antidote to negative emotions and depression and how it’s strongly linked to our levels of resilience. Learn how to create, develop and foster gratitude to increase your levels of happiness.
  • Energy - learn practical tools to use your body and brain to generate energy, release tension and reset the negativity button.
  • Strengths – increase pre-existing behaviour and thinking capacity. When strengths are understood and well used, people perform at their best.


Ready to help your employees flourish

Want to have a great workplace culture and help your employees flourish? Simply contact David Arkles via email at david.arkles@theorangestoolkit.com.au.