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Frankie's Story


If you’d had the chance to meet Frankie, I think you’d have loved her. Everyone did.

She was ‘Fearless Frankie’, who’d stomp around in just her nappy, getting up to mischief and making people laugh.

There was ‘Bossyboots Frankie’ who was ordering her big sister Milly around as soon as she could talk.

There was ‘Animal-lover Frankie,’ who never met a cat or dog she didn’t want to cuddle.


But when Frankie was just three years old, she lost her life to cancer. And her mum, dad and older sister lost their whole world. 

There are no words for the pain and devastation that families like Frankie’s go through as they watch a child they love succumb to cancer.

That’s why Camp Quality urgently needs your support to help these families – while a child faces cancer and in the heartbreaking case that the child passes away.


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That means your gift today will go twice as far to fund the Family Experiences, Retreats, Kids’ Camps, Family Camps and support services that bring desperately-needed light and relief to families at one of the most horrendous times of their lives. 

Kids’ Camps are also a vital escape for siblings, who are living with the fear, anguish and potential loss that follows a brother or sister’s cancer diagnosis. 

Kids who lose a beloved brother or sister to cancer don’t always process their grief in the same way adults do. They might still laugh and play, their grief may come out later – in unexpected ways. 

Two years on from Frankie’s death, that’s something Kate knows about all too well.

“Milly, Frankie’s big sister, is only now starting to grasp what death really means. She almost took it in her stride at the time, but I can see little things happening now. She has separation anxiety. She’s started waking at night crying from a recurring dream. 

She’s scared she’s going to die and never see me again.”

 For a child like Milly, a trip to a Kids’ Camp can make an enormous difference. It’s a special place where children can get away from the stress and anxiety of cancer and make friends with other kids in a similar situation. 

The Camps help children understand that everything they’re feeling is completely natural, and that they’re not alone in their sadness or anger. For children who have had to grow up far too quickly, Kids’ Camps are also a place where they can just be kids again. 

These Camps are desperately needed – but they simply would not be possible without your support.


For many families facing cancer, a Camp Quality Retreat could be the first holiday they’ve had in years. A Kids’ Camp experience for the sibling of a deceased child could be the first time they’ve felt free to laugh in years. It’s crucial that I find the funds for these services.


Will you please help? Donate now to help support children and families in their grief 


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