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Josh's story


Katie didn’t believe it when a blood test showed her son Josh had leukemia. She said:

“I thought any minute someone would say there’s been a mix up with the blood results.”

But there was no mix up. The next day Katie and five-year-old Josh were in the oncology ward. Josh needed a lumbar puncture and an IV line inserted so that he could start chemotherapy.


Cancer robs kids like Josh of their childhood. Sadly, now COVID-19 is robbing them of Camp Quality.

With all our Camps on hold until the end of August, more than 7,000 kids impacted by cancer and more than 18,000 family members are waiting for the break they desperately need.

Will you help us make sure every one of those kids and families can get a Camp Quality break as soon as it’s safe?


COVID-19 has made the world even smaller and more frightening for kids like Josh.

Most are now in extreme isolation at home or in hospital to protect their compromised immune systems. In many cases, they can’t see people they love. And their confinement will continue long after most Australians have returned to normal.

At such a difficult time in their lives, kids impacted by cancer are more cut off than ever from the friends and grubby kid-adventures they so desperately need.

Josh had finished the intensive part of his treatment when Katie got an invite for him to go to a Mini Camp at Questacon. She told us:

“In the first five minutes, I realised it really is about laughter being the best medicine and making everyone feel good again. Seeing Josh dash off laughing with the volunteers was the most wonderful moment.”

It was the start of the family’s journey with Camp Quality. Katie said the Camps have made a positive, life-changing difference at an incredibly tough time in their lives.

“It's not like the odd holiday or the odd fun trip. The impact is long lasting. I'm sure the kids will look back and remember the good stuff, instead of this huge terrible cloud.”

Unfortunately, COVID-19 has made that cloud even darker for so many families.

Josh’s immune system is very weak after cancer treatment. To stay safe from COVID-19, he is in now in strict lockdown at home with just his immediate family.

Kids face many lonely months without friends whilst they fear catching this life-threatening virus. And their already stressed parents also have to worry about job losses, strained health services and how to keep their child safe during a global pandemic.

Every day, the backlog of kids and families trapped in this nightmare and waiting for one of our Camps, grows rapidly.

Please help us meet the overwhelming need.