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Michael's story | Celebrating 35 Years


Michael Crossland is a Camp Quality Ambassador and inspirational speaker globally. What many don't know is that Michael was introduced to Camp Quality as a child, facing his own cancer diagnosis. 

"Camp Quality not only changed my life it also saved it. As an 11-month-old being diagnosed with a terminal cancer and subject to a horrific drug trial that killed 24 out of the 25 of us, left me with nasty burns and long-term side effects. My only dream was to lead a normal life, however, I quickly realised when going to school or even walking the street, I was very different.  Going to Camp was the first time I truly felt normal. Being surrounded by people that actually understand your battles and your pain is something very hard to describe.

You would think a camp full of “sick” kids would be one of saddest places, yet it’s so far from that! It’s filled with pure laughter, optimism and happiness. 

I am truly blessed to be a National Ambassador for Camp Quality – I know this organisation has helped shape and mould me into the man I am today. To travel the world as an inspirational speaker is a privilege and I will never forget those that helped me along the way. Camp Quality, I am eternally grateful for your support and unwavering love for me and my family!"

Thank you, Michael, for continuing to inspire so many children and families experiencing cancer with your story of incredible resilience in the face of adversity.