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Tax Appeal 2017

Kylie helped Addy cope during the most challenging times

Addy was diagnosed with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma just weeks before her third birthday.

Her first week in hospital, Addy had ultrasounds, blood tests, X-rays, CT scans, and more. Coping with this sudden change would be a challenge to anyone, but it was especially terrifying for a child as young as Addy.

Enter Kylie! Kylie is a Child Life Therapist funded by Camp Quality.

Kylie explained complex treatments to Addy using medical play, real instruments and other techniques. Every hour spent with Kylie, Addy learnt vital coping skills which helped reduce her stress and minimise her anxiety – even during challenging procedures like radiotherapy.

Although Addy may not realise it (because she’s having too much fun), the coping skills she learnt with Kylie will stay with her for the rest of her life.

“Kylie is great and I love her” - Addy, now 4

Children like Addy and their families never expected to face cancer.

Child Life Therapists can’t change a cancer diagnosis, but they can change the experience a child has during their treatment. Child Life Therapists like Kylie make cancer treatment as stress-free and effective as possible – because when kids are calm and ready for their treatments, medical teams can do their best work.

Kylie was a constant ray of sunshine in what was often a dark time for Addy. Kylie would be there with fun art and craft, games, cooking activities, toys and silly jokes. Kylie’s remarkable support transformed the whole family’s cancer experience in hospital and brought laughter to the family when they needed it most.

Tax Appeal 2017

“Kylie made the biggest difference. She made the really scary times less scary and the sad times much happier.” - Kristen, Addy’s mum

Tax Appeal 2017
Tax Appeal 2017

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