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Family Fun Days

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Family Fun Days provide families impacted by cancer the opportunity to enjoy a special day of entertainment and enjoyment free of charge.

Regular Family Fun Days are scheduled by Camp Quality all over Australia. They take many shapes, with fun activities for the whole family. Everything is taken care of and organised. All families have to do is turn up and have fun.

Fun Days provide families and children including siblings, an important chance to bond, make new friends, share stories and enjoy some time away from the rigours of hospital and treatment.


Family Fun Days are available all over Australia

Benefits of Family Fun Days

  • Helps children build confidence by taking part in fun and challenging activities and experiences
  • Families impacted by cancer get to meet other families going through similar experiences in a positive and understanding environment
  • Provides fun for the whole family without financial stress as all activities are organised free of change
  • Parents and siblings can enjoy time together, strengthening their relationships
  • Creates new fun memories for the whole family
  • Provides scheduled catch-ups with other families and friends impacted by cancer

Who is eligible?

Families who have a child diagnosed with cancer where there is a child/or children in the family who are 13 years or younger are eligible to join our Family Fun Days.

Siblings are welcome to attend Fun Days with parents before the patient does.

Thanks to loyal donors, our generous sponsors and the energy and enthusiasm of our fundraisers and volunteers, family fun days are 100% free of charge.

Regular Family Fun Days are scheduled throughout the year across metropolitan and regional Australia. Dates are outlined in the event calendar received by every Camp Quality family.

To find out more about Family Fun Days happening in your local area, please contact your local Camp Quality office or call 1300 662 267.