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For children growing up with cancer, and their families, the routine of hospital and treatment can become all they know and, as a result, many miss out on the clamorous fun of childhood, while families no longer get the chance to hang out together. Our recreation programs and camps give back some of that precious time.

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Middle Camp

Bursting with fun, as well as creative and challenging activities for older kids dealing with cancer, Middle Camp is designed for children aged between 10 and 12. It is the perfect environment to experience the joys of camping, learn some new skills and make new friends, after which they generally return home with increased confidence and better able to cope with the situation they face. 

Who is it for:




 Camps are available all over Australia

Benefits of Middle Camp

  • Children recognise the value in problem solving and working within a team environment
  • Children explore different types of relationships, and learn about the role they play in creating and maintaining positive relationships
  • Children achieve a sense of fulfilment and increased self-esteem
  • Children return home with increased optimism and resilience

Who is eligible?

Middle Camp is open to children aged 10 to 12, including siblings and bereaved siblings, who are growing up with cancer.

Middle Camps are held regularly all over Australia. To find out where the next camp is being held near you, please contact your local Camp Quality office or call 1300 662 267.

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