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Camp Quality has partnered with Canteen to launch the Parenting Through Cancer website and free telephone counselling.

Visit Parenting Through Cancer

Parenting Through Cancer


Free telephone counselling: 1800 945 215

Most people would agree it’s not easy being a parent. When you also throw a cancer diagnosis into the mix, it can become an overwhelming time for any family.  

Many parents are now at breaking point due to the terrible pressure cancer puts on their family, as well as the ongoing challenges of COVID-19. 

Whether it’s the trauma of a child facing cancer, or your own diagnosis, it’s important to get support.

That’s why Camp Quality has joined forces with national youth cancer charity Canteen to expand services for parents and carers. 

Free Telephone Counselling and Online Support

The Child and Youth Cancer Alliance, a partnership between the two charities, has launched the Parenting Through Cancer website. This provides a safe online space where parents of children, teens and young adults, aged up to 25 years, can access free professional telephone counselling and online support

Through the platform, parents can connect with others experiencing the challenges of cancer in the family via discussions and private messaging. It is also the place to find relevant and trustworthy information to help parents navigate this difficult time. 

Parenting Through Cancer

The Parenting Through Cancer community ensures that, no matter what the cancer experience, there is support available for parents and their families for as long as they need it.  

Simply visit, or, to access the free telephone counselling directly, call 1800 945 215

Parenting Through Cancer is the first project of the Child and Youth Cancer Alliance, from the new partnership between Camp Quality and Canteen. By coming together, the Alliance aims to expand essential services to better meet the needs of Australian families impacted by cancer and make the most of our combined resources and donated funds.