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Primary School Education Program - Teachers


Our Primary School Education Program, featuring the Camp Quality Puppets, helps schools create supportive communities for any child affected by cancer, whether they are growing up with cancer themselves or have a family member with cancer.

The program is free and fun. Our puppets provide a fun but interactive and engaging way to dispel common myths and misconceptions about cancer in an age appropriate way.

The Performance

  • There are three different shows to catering to the pre-school, junior primary and upper primary age groups.
  • We relate to kids in their own language and deal with themes relevant to each age.
  • Each show takes approximately 45 minutes and we can perform up to three shows per day with a maximum of 250 students per session.

Who is it for:

  • Teacher
  • Type:

  • At School
  • Location:

    Puppet shows are held all over Australia

    How much does the show cost?

    There is no cost for the school or the students. The show is available free of charge.

    Many schools choose to fundraise for Camp Quality with a gold coin donation or a crazy sock day but there is no obligation to do so. If you do want to fundraise, feel free to contact us for some ideas.

    To book our Primary School Education Program, fill out the booking request form and the Primary School Coordinator in your area will contact you as soon as they can. If you’d like more information, call us on 1300 662 267.

    • Aidan's Dad


      Camp Quality recently visited my son's school. The show was brilliant. The kids and teachers enjoyed the puppets and all learnt something about Aidan's illness and his changing appearance. It provided an opportunity for Aidan to catch up with his classmates and a chance for all of us to open communication with the school and the teachers. To see a smile and hear laughter from our son was a golden moment. Great job Camp Quality and the puppets (including Dean). Keep up the good work.

    • Early Childcare Centre Director, NSW


      We have always supported the families affected by cancer at our centre but this gave us as educators and all the children a better understanding of what the children and families go through. The program was presented in a very age appropriate way to the children and the child affected was able to talk to her peers about what she went through.

    • Josh and Mia's Mum


      Our warmest thanks for sending the amazing puppets to our children's school. Both Josh and Mia were full of excitement when I picked them up and couldn't wait to tell me all about the puppets and then show me the balloons and fantastic gifts they had been given. Josh came directly from the hospital and made it just in time to see the show, so the timing was perfect!

      The feedback from the staff and other students has been really wonderful and we are so grateful to Camp Quality for providing this fabulous, informative program.

    • Matt's Mum


      The Camp Quality puppets came to our school today and they were fantastic! Sibling Matt has just started Year 4 at this school after our big move from Sydney. He was shy and worried what people will think of his 'different' sister in prep. This was a positive experience for him, helping to normalise it for him and his peers. Our sincere thank you Camp Quality, we really appreciate it!

    • Michele Midgley, Yr 4 teacher


      Camp Quality has a focus of helping children and families living with cancer. They stress the importance of laughing, having fun and special times together. The presenters clearly presented the message that 'it is not what we look like that is important, but who we are on the inside'. There were messages of positive support for friends, resilience and understanding. It was presented in a fun and educational way that our students could grasp.

    • Mikey’s Mum


      After my son's class had been to their session, one of the younger boys asked him if he had cancer (it was the first time he was at school without a hat). Mikey said yes and the boy responded: 'don't worry, your hair will grow back, we just heard all about it!'

    • Pina Passerello, Deputy Principal


      What a great visit from the Camp Quality puppets! All of our students loved seeing the puppets. It's helped in our understanding of how children with cancer can be supported. We will all be prepared for when one of our students returns next term, after his cancer treatment.

    • Principal, VIC


      This puppet show is superb. It delivers a key message in a manner that is accessible for all. It dispels myths about cancer and raises the awareness of all people not just those who are directly affected by it. The presenters were outstanding; passionate, professional, committed, entertaining and full of enthusiasm. Thank you so much for giving our students the opportunity to participate and to realise that laughter really is the best medicine!

    • Rafael’s Mum


      I want to thank you for your visit to his school. You made a real difference. Rafael at the end of the show told me: 'Mum I'm a super hero because I'm not afraid of cancer!' That, to me, makes all of your hard work already worth it.

    • Sophie, Camp Quality Kid


      When Camp Quality visited my school and taught the kids about leukaemia like I have the bullying stopped and I was happy.

    • Year 1 Teacher, QLD


      The Program raises awareness amongst their peers about the journey they’re going on. It allows their peers some understanding of what is happening to their friend and eliminates some of the preconceived perceptions these children may have had about children with cancer. In a sense it 'normalised' living with cancer at a level the children could connect with. It has also opened the topic up for discussion. Information is powerful. I find once children have been given information on the topic, they are understanding and approach things in a more relaxed and open way than if the topic (cancer) is not discussed.

    • Year 2 Teacher, WA


      I just wanted to let you know that we loved the Camp Quality puppet show. I thought the actors were terrific & they really took the time to talk to the kids before & after the show. The messages were well received & your online resources were great too. Oliver has been wearing the badge that he was given in his prize pack every day on his uniform & he is definitely a bit more confident.


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