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Xmas Appeal 2016

Jazmyn’s Christmas shouldn’t be about cancer.

Cancer is all consuming. Tears replace laughter, kids become patients and hospital becomes home.

Jazmyn was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (ALL) in February. Nine months of surgeries, chemo and other painful procedures has taken its toll. Being separated from home, family, and friends is really tough, especially when you’re just 3 years old.

Life has never been the same since and neither has Jazmyn.

These days her whole world is all about cancer.

She’s not even old enough to go to school, but she’s had to be so brave, to deal with so much pain, and she’s grown up way too fast.

“When the Camp Quality puppets come to visit, Jazmyn’s face lights up and she completely forgets about cancer. She giggles like she used to. She doesn’t want to let them go. She turns into my bubbly, little girl again.” – Louise, Jazmyn’s mum


You can help kids feel like kids again!

For kids like Jazmyn, every happy moment counts. A happy moment can turn a bad day into a good day, and give them strength for the journey ahead. A visit by the Camp Quality puppets is more than a fleeting moment of happiness. It takes the focus away from pain and treatments; it brings joy and gives them something to look forward to.

Child Life Therapy builds resilience through play and helps children understand what’s happening to them, it helps build coping skills and minimises stress and anxiety. This can reduce their need for general anaesthetic or sedation. And the better their experience in hospital, the better their long-term psychological wellbeing.

This Christmas, boys and girls growing up with cancer need your support more than ever.

Xmas Appeal 2016
Xmas Appeal 2016
Xmas Appeal 2016

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