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Autumn Appeal 2017

In eight years, Jonah had never been away from his parents for even one night until Junior Camp

Cancer has dominated Jonah’s life since his brain tumour diagnosis at 3 months old. Jonah survived the initial operation, only to enter a life spent in and out of hospitals.

His entire childhood has been defined by his treatments and the almost debilitating effects that this had on his body.

Jonah can’t eat through his mouth, so he needs to be fed by machine every three hours - at home by his mum and at school by a full-time aide.

He's missed out on the freedom to just have fun and be independent.

Junior Camp was a time of so many firsts for Jonah

It was hard for Jonah and his mum Kylie to say goodbye, but with medical volunteers to support him Jonah stepped into an experience that will boost his confidence, resilience and optimism for life.

Jonah was safe and supported to enjoy fun activities alongside other kids in the same situation.

It was the first time Jonah had a sleepover.

The first time Jonah told jokes to a big audience.

The first time Jonah made his own paper planes.

The first time Jonah went on a colour run.

In his words it was “the best time ever”

Autumn Appeal 2017

“Jonah just had this permanent smile plastered on his face the entire camp,” - Doc Chantal, medical volunteer at Jonah’s Junior Camp

Autumn Appeal 2017
Autumn Appeal 2017

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