esCarpade 2022 Raises $1 Million for Kids Facing Cancer!


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How it began

The epic adventure began in Albury before heading to Mudgee, then all the way to sunny Coffs Harbour.

Purple Car on esCarpade trip

Our Costumes

The convoy of 40 decorated cars and costumed drivers set off at the beginning of April.

Drivers' Super Mario cosplay

Our Journey

On their journey, esCarpade stopped in many towns, bringing Camp Quality’s Cancer Education Program into local schools. The Camp Quality Puppets and esCarpade received kind letters from Wellington Public School thanking them for all they do to give kids facing cancer the chance to be kids again.

esCarpade letter

Our Wonderful Crew

The final day of esCarpade finished up at a Family Fun Day in Coffs Harbour where participants were able to meet Camp Quality families and listen to their stories. The esCarpadians were met with a warm welcome of cheers and applause as the convoy was led over the Coffs Harbour jetty.

An epic journey for an epic crew, we look forward to next year’s lot of esCarpade adventures! Thank you esCarpadians for your dedication to helping kids impacted by cancer and to everyone who supported along the way.

esCarpade crew group photo

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