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Xmas Appeal 2017

Your support helps reduce the impact of cancer on kids like Ollie

It was just before Christmas 2015 that Ollie (8) was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL). He was immediately admitted to hospital, receiving blood transfusions and antibiotics to prepare for chemotherapy. He was allowed home for two days before starting treatment on Boxing Day.

Ollie’s mum Felicity felt her family’s life was fractured:

"There was an immediate sense of separation within the family … a feeling of real isolation. The world that I knew and was very safe in, suddenly just didn’t exist.

"Very quickly Ollie started going downhill, from being this funny, quirky kid with a wicked sense of humour, to being depressed and withdrawn… I struggled to make him smile."

For a kid facing cancer, hospital can be scary and lonely. Child Life Therapists help relieve a child’s anxiety and trauma and hospital bedside visits by our puppets bring laughter and distraction when they need it most.

Your generous gift helps children like Ollie get a break from what they’re going through, gives them reasons to smile – and helps them find the strength and resilience they need.

You help families bounce back after cancer

Fifteen days into Ollie’s treatment his parents received the news he’d need to be treated more aggressively, for a longer period, and with more toxic chemicals, and that he might need a bone marrow treatment.

Almost a year later, the day before his ninth birthday, Ollie received the lifesaving gift of his brother’s bone marrow. Gabe’s selfless decision to donate his bone marrow was an example of the way kids love and give with all their hearts. Something we call ‘Kid-ness’.

Ollie had missed almost a year of school, he was isolated and missed his brothers.

In August and October, Camp Quality camps helped relieve the stress of cancer, allowing the family to reconnect.

Xmas Appeal 2017

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