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Your gift helps reduce the impact of cancer for kids like William

No one’s ready for the life-changing impact a cancer diagnosis has on a child and family’s life. But what if you had a head start. What if you could help reduce the impact from the outset?

5-year-old William saw our puppet show in his first year at school.

“The puppet show was a bit of an eye-opener for me. I remember thinking, ‘Thank goodness that’s not my kid’. Oh, I was wrong!” - William’s mum, Alison

6 months later William was diagnosed with ALL.

Everything changed in an instant. With no paediatric oncology ward nearby the next day William and Alison flew more than 1,500 kms from their home in Alice Springs to Adelaide for treatment. William had never known anyone with cancer. But understanding something can make it less scary.

“One of the very first questions William’s oncologist Petra asked him was ‘Do you know what cancer is?’ and he said ‘Ah, yes’. I looked at him, thinking, ‘Really? How do you know what cancer is?’ He said, ‘Oh, because the puppets came to school.’ And I thought, ‘Ah, of course, yeah, they did.’

Our puppet show helps children understand what cancer is.

It would be almost a year before William returned home, and to school.

When a child returns to school after a cancer diagnosis, it can be confronting and confusing for everyone. But with your support, our puppet show helps children and teachers understand.

Understand that you can’t catch cancer. Understand why and how their friend may feel, look, or behave differently than before. And most importantly understand how they can help.

Creating a supportive school environment reduces the impact of cancer for kids like William.

It’s thanks to the support of people like you that our puppet show can stay on the road, visiting more than 165,000 people in schools every year, right across Australia.

But the demand from families and schools for help is far greater than we can currently meet. The show also helps kids whose parent or loved one is diagnosed with cancer. Thousands of kids and schools are missing out. Thank you for helping kids like William today.

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