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Kids' Guide to Cancer

Kids Guide to Cancer

With so many types, treatments, and people involved, teaching kids about the cancer journey can be a very daunting and difficult task. So we decided to make learning about it fun, FREE, & easy by creating the Kids' Guide to Cancer app!

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It’s packed with age-appropriate information on a host of cancer related topics and is sure to be of great support for kids, parents and teachers alike.

Details about the app

This is one of the stories in the app that helps kids learn about the cancer journey in a fun and age-appropriate way.

  • Contains information about cancer and how people get it
  • Delves into the different types of cancers people can get
  • Explains how the different treatments for cancer work
  • Describes the roles of the many people involved in the cancer journey
  • Animated stories of kids’ experiences with cancer
  • Simple tips kids can use to help their loved ones with cancer
  • Busts common myths about cancer
  • Genevieve Antill, Camp Quality Program Manager


    There was a big gap in service for kids who felt scared or confused when their brother, sister, mum or dad was diagnosed with cancer. Existing information about cancer was hard to access and limited to one type of cancer. Cancer is a very adult issue; this app makes it child-friendly.

  • Hannah's Mum


    I wish this was around when my daughter Hannah was diagnosed. It would have made it so much easier to know who to connect with and who is there to help with the stages of the cancer journey.

  • Lily's Mum


    Instantly the app was a hit. It is very easily understood, straight forward and to the point with no big medical terminology. From a parent’s point of view, it is perfect for children that have just been diagnosed and their siblings to understand what’s going on.


History of the app

We wanted to know exactly what support and resources kids with a parent with cancer had, so we commissioned Dr Claire Wakefield (of Sydney Children’s Hospital and the University of NSW) to undertake the largest comprehensive worldwide literature review. What she discovered was that there is a distinct lack of age-appropriate information about cancer, and that it was an issue that urgently needed to be addressed.

Looking to fill this gap, we held focus groups, consulted with health professionals and other not-for-profits to develop our very first app, aimed at answering the most common questions kids have about cancer. Providing this information in plain English to kids without confusing or scaring them was also an important focus for us.

The app is developed by 2and2 and is proudly funded by the Newcastle Permanent Charitable Foundation.

Feedback & Support

Have you or someone you know downloaded the app and used it? We would love to hear what you think! Leave a review on iTunes or Google Play, or head here and help us continue developing a great app for kids who have a loved one with cancer.