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Age-appropriate cancer education for kids up to 15 years old. Download for free today!

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Kids' Guide to Cancer

Child looking at the Kids' Guide to Cancer app on a iPad

You want your child to know what’s going on. So do we. 

Children are often scared and confused when they are told they have cancer, or hear about the cancer diagnosis of someone they love. The Kids’ Guide to Cancer app empowers kids to learn more about cancer on their own terms, at their own pace – and understand everything that is going on. 

It’s a free, interactive educational app that answers the most common questions children have regarding cancer.

The app contains age-appropriate information about cancer, hospitals, medicines, treatment and people who help. The app also features animated stories promoting peer support and understanding. 

Get the whole family on the same page. 

Navigate the difficult and emotional conversations about cancer together, as a family. The Kids’ Guide to Cancer can be used by kids independently but also encourages them to speak to adults they trust. This means kids won’t feel isolated if they don’t understand what’s going on.

Download on the App Store or Google Play today.

Get it on Google Play

Features of the Kids’ Guide to Cancer app:

  • Answers common questions about cancer
  • Busts common myths about cancer
  • Delves into the different types of cancers people can get
  • Explains how the different treatments for cancer work
  • Describes the roles of the many people involved in the cancer experience
  • Simple tips kids can use to help their loved ones with cancer
  • Animated stories of kids’ experiences with cancer

Our Innovation Partner

Fujitsu logoThe latest version of the Kids’ Guide to Cancer app was developed and funded by our Innovation Partner, Fujitsu. 

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