Camp Quality is proud to have almost 800 volunteers nationwide, with each one being integral to our mission to ensure kids impacted by cancer have the chance to be kids again. Passionate, excited and committed, our volunteers are here to foster fun and supportive environments at our programs. Our volunteers make a real difference – and you could too!

Our most well-known programs are our Kids’ Camps, with our volunteers committing to attend a minimum of one of these a year. Other exciting volunteer opportunities include our Family Camps, Family Fun Days and Family Experiences.

Camp Quality volunteers and kids at a camp
Camp Quality volunteers and Camp Quality kids

Why volunteer with Camp Quality?

Being a Camp Quality volunteer means taking part in a life-changing experience where you will learn new skills, meet other volunteers and positively impact the lives of children facing cancer. Many report it as being the most rewarding volunteer work they could do.


A medical volunteer administers a band-aid to a Camp Quality kid

Safeguarding kids

Want to volunteer with children? Camp Quality is committed to safeguarding the welfare of children and young people in our care, and are steadfast in our responsibility to promote best practice and to protect kids from harm, abuse and neglect. Therefore, for anyone wanting to volunteer with children, we have safeguarding measures in place.

These measures are outlined in our policies as well as ongoing Safeguarding Children Training for all employees and volunteers. We are also proud to hold Safeguarding Children Accreditation with the Australian Childhood Foundation (ACF).

All Camp Quality volunteers complete various Safeguarding Children checks and training including a Working With Children Check, interview, reference checks, ACF Safeguarding Children Training, cyber safety training, as well as reviewing and signing all relevant policies and committing to ongoing training.


Volunteers and Camp Quality children running together

Current volunteer opportunities

Camp Quality volunteers are a talented and motivated bunch. We have volunteer roles for people with different skills and experience. You can see our current opportunities below or find out more about our volunteer application process.

  • Recreation –  As a recreation volunteer, you are responsible for bringing happiness, energy, fun and support to Camp Quality Kids’ Camps, Family Camps and Family Fun Days.
  • Medical – Medical volunteers are registered doctors, paramedics, registered nurses and endorsed-enrolled nurses who volunteer their time to attend our Kids’ Camps.
  • Fundraising – Our fundraising volunteers run and participate in fundraising events, from charity BBQs, golf days and gala functions.
  • Office Administration – Occasionally we need some extra help in the office to make calls,  help with mailouts, prep for camps and events, and everything in-between!
Child smiling while holding her drawing up to the camera

Volunteer application process

We have a thorough volunteer recruitment process so we can safeguard our kids and find the right people who share Camp Quality’s values and culture. The recruitment process is dependent on the role you apply for and includes:

  • Online training modules
  • Interview
  • Reference checks (recreation, medical and admin volunteers only)
  • Working With Children Check
  • Safeguarding Children Training
  • Volunteer recreation induction (recreation volunteers only)

For more information on what the process involves, please contact us at [email protected] 


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This is your first step towards helping Camp Quality give kids facing cancer the chance to be kids again.

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Volunteer FAQs


We require a substantial number of volunteers to attend our recreation programs to ensure our kids and their families can thrive in a safe environment. As a recreation volunteer, you are responsible for bringing happiness, energy, fun and support to Camp Quality Kids’ Camps, Family Camps and Family Fun Days. There are a number of volunteer work opportunities available on our recreation programs, including leadership roles that assist in preparation of the programs.


Medical volunteers are registered doctors, registered nurses and endorsed-enrolled nurses who give their time to attend our Kids’ Camps. They are vital to the delivery of our programs and administer any first aid and medical requirements, including the delivery of medications, which can sometimes include oral chemotherapy.


Fundraising volunteers are the unsung heroes of Camp Quality! This volunteer work involves   running and participating in fundraising events, from charity BBQs, golf days and gala functions. With activities and events happening all over Australia, anyone can help us raise much-needed funds.

Office Administration

Occasionally we need some extra help in the office to make calls, help with mailouts, prep for camps and events, and other office tasks. Please keep your eye out on our Volunteer Opportunities for when office administration roles are available.

Camp Quality strongly supports equal opportunity. We ensure our volunteers are respected and treated equitably – irrespective of gender, ethnicity, political or religious beliefs, physical ability, family status, age or sexual preference.

Due to the nature of our organisation, we require our volunteers to be a minimum of 18 years old.

Our volunteers need to be fit and able to perform tasks related to their chosen volunteer role. Camp Quality has a robust safety culture, and the health and wellbeing of our people is of the utmost importance to us. We’re mindful that some volunteer roles can be physically demanding, such as those on our recreation programs.

If you have physical or access requirements but still want to help, please discuss options with one of our friendly staff. Email us at [email protected]

We require our recreation and medical volunteers to commit to a minimum of one Kids Camp per year. Our recreation programs are run all year round and are generally held over weekends, with some events taking place during school holidays.

For other roles and events, the time commitment can vary. These are usually single-day events or evenings.

You can still volunteer with Camp Quality around other work commitments. However, you may be required to take some leave from your job if the program begins or ends on a day you usually work. Various organisations offer paid volunteer days for their employees, so it’s always a good idea to have a chat with your employer to see what you might be entitled to.

If you’re interested in short-term volunteer work opportunities, you can help at a number of our fundraising events, or even sign up to one of our campaigns such as Big Walk for Little Kids.

Our recreation volunteering opportunities will require a longer-term commitment, and we ask that you sign up with the expectation you’ll be a volunteer for many years to come. We have volunteers who have been with our organisation for nearly 40 years!

We cover the expense of training our volunteers and the costs incurred while in attendance at our programs or events. Depending on your location, we ask you to cover the cost of travelling to our programs, but all costs while at the program or event will be covered by Camp Quality.

To support us in raising the funds needed to get you to camp, we encourage (and would love) our volunteers to participate in fundraising events.

We provide ongoing training for all volunteers, including Safeguarding Children training through the Australian Childhood Foundation. For our recreation and medical volunteers, additional training and briefings are organised prior to camps and events. For fundraising event volunteers, training is provided on the job.

You can still volunteer with us if you live in a regional area. We have families living in remote regions, so there may be volunteering opportunities at local camps or events, or openings to travel and attend programs with children from regional areas.

You can also hold a fundraising event or become part of a local ‘Fun Raising Group’ in your area. Email us at [email protected] to find out more about what is available near you.

Camp Quality also offers corporate volunteering opportunities. We love working with organisations to create unique and fun volunteering campaigns. Call us on 1300 662 267 to hear about how we can develop a meaningful and mutually beneficial relationship with your organisation.


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