Inclusion Statement

At Camp Quality, we recognise everyone deserves to be treated equally, respectfully and with dignity. We are committed to building an inclusive community that supports all people affected by cancer, regardless of their race, gender identity, sexual orientation, ability, financial status, religion, culture and life experience.

This means parents, children, and volunteers participating in our services and programs come from a diverse range of backgrounds and may have differing opinions and views arising from their experiences with cancer.

While cancer is not the focus of our recreational programs, it is occasionally discussed by children who attend. Each child, and their family, experiences cancer in a unique way, so every situation is different. Sadly, in some cases, children attending our camps may have experienced the loss of a loved one.

To ensure an emotionally safe environment, we ask that all parents and carers of children attending our camps are aware of the potential for kids to discuss and share their experiences. We also highlight that while we strive to protect our children from negative messaging, we cannot be responsible for individual and private conversations.

Our experienced volunteers and team are focused on ensuring children have fun and create great memories together, in a safe environment; and we trust they will enjoy their experience with Camp Quality.