Do you have a Camp Quality story that you are willing to share? We want to hear it!

The form below will send your story to our team who are always on the lookout for a wide range of personal accounts and perspectives. Or our friendly team may reach out and ask if this is something you are open to.

Camp Quality kids hug at a retreat
A Camp Quality kid climbs to the top of the flying fox at camp

How will my story be used?

Stories are the beating heart of Camp Quality. They help us show what our programs are all about, and raise awareness of cancer.

They also show new families impacted by cancer why they should sign up for Camp Quality, as well as inspiring new volunteers to get onboard.

We may share your stories and photos on our social media, and will send you an email beforehand so you don’t miss it!

We also use family stories for our website, fundraising campaigns, in the media and more.

Please check out our news and stories for some examples of what sharing your story might look like.

Child smiling while being hugged

Your privacy and permission

Please note, there is no obligation to participate, and that by sharing your story you give permission for Camp Quality to use your story and your images for our charitable purposes, including sharing with our supporters and corporate partners.

Your email address and contact information will never be shared without your direct permission.

Camp Quality keeps family stories for two years. During this time you may be asked for an update we can share. Families can revoke permission for their story and images to be used for promotional purposes at any time by contacting [email protected]. Your image permissions will then be updated, images be removed from our systems to avoid any future use and if your image was on our website it will be deleted. Please note that images posted to social media or third party internet platforms such as media websites are not in the control of Camp Quality to remove.

If you have questions about your privacy, please read our privacy policy or feel free to contact us.

Tell us your story

For those of you who have already helped Camp Quality by telling your story in the past, thank you! We are always keen to hear updates – so feel free to share again.

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