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wesCarpade 2017

Camp Quality wesCarpade is Western Australia’s happiest and wackiest motoring adventure! The week-long journey is held to raise money to support Aussie kids impacted by cancer.

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Primary School Education Program - Kids

Our puppets are cheeky and lots of fun - but they carry an important message. Having the puppets visit your school could help your peers understand cancer and most importantly, how to be a good friend. The puppet show is jam-packed with fun, laughter and positivity. Our puppets, Kylie, Dean and Melissa would love to meet you and your friends!

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The Happiness Heroes of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Over four weeks, we have celebrated four inspirational Happiness Heroes spreading awareness about childhood cancer across Australia.

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Tax Appeal 2017

How do you help a child in treatment?
One hour at a time

Early one morning, Addy let out “the worst cry you can imagine”. She couldn’t get out of bed or walk. Her mum rushed her to the doctor, who sent them to hospital. They didn’t go home for over 6 months. Addy’s cancer diagnosis meant a barrage of tests, procedures and treatments that scared and confused her. Thanks to hours spent with her Child Life Therapist, Addy learned skills that helped her cope.

frame Addy's story


Addy was struggling to cope with life in hospital. At only three years old the cancer treatment procedures she faced terrified her. Meeting Child Life Therapist Kylie changed Addy’s world and gave her the skills to undergo something extraordinary.

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