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Camp Quality esCarpade is Australia’s happiest & wackiest motoring adventure! The 3000km, week-long journey is to raise money to support Aussie kids living with cancer.

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Primary School Education Program - Kids

Our puppets are cheeky and lots of fun - but they carry an important message. Having the puppets visit your school could help your peers understand cancer and most importantly, how to be a good friend. The puppet show is jam-packed with fun, laughter and positivity. Our puppets, Kylie, Dean and Melissa would love to meet you and your friends!

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Crackers for a cause

Christmas is coming, and it’s a universally known fact that cracker jokes simply aren’t funny. Camp Quality believes they should be, because 'laughter is the best medicine'.

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Cade and Alex

Mum, Luke won’t play footy. He doesn’t seem like my brother anymore

Luke’s diagnosis hit his brother Cade hard. Thankfully he had his Camp Quality Volunteer Companion Alex. You can help ensure every sibling growing up with cancer has a companion to count on.

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Christmas is coming and it’s a universally known fact that cracker jokes simply aren’t funny.

Camp Quality is on a mission to change that this Christmas because we believe Laughter is the best medicine and Australia deserves funnier crackers. Help us produce the world’s first actually funny Christmas Crackers, and help kids growing up with cancer.

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Charity Reputation Index


Camp Quality is now the highest ranking children's charity in Australia according to the annual Charity Reputation Index. Produced by research consultant company AMR, the index has seen Camp Quality climb six places - from 12th to 6th since 2013.

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Teddy was just like any other active little boy, who enjoyed nothing more than mucking around with his big brother in the backyard. At four, Teddy had just started soccer. It was around that times things changed.

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