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Dine at Mine

Dine at Mine is simple, fun and exciting. We invite you to gather a bunch of friends or colleagues, get together over a meal and ask your guests to donate to Camp Quality. Dine at Mine is designed for you to make it what you want – be it a dinner at home, a simple lunch with friends, a themed fiesta in the office or a BBQ at the footy. You choose the style of event that best suits your lifestyle, preference and budget.

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Puppet show for Kids

Our puppets are cheeky and lots of fun - but they carry an important message. Having the puppets visit your school could help your peers understand cancer and most importantly, how to be a good friend. The puppet show is jam-packed with fun, laughter and positivity. Our puppets, Kylie, Dean and Melissa would love to meet you and your friends!

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Dick Gillard Volunteer of the year - Michael Phillips "The Fairy King"

The Gillard Volunteer of the year Award is given out annually to one person per Camp Quality local office who has gone the extra mile for children living with cancer. Michael Phillips this year’s winner, along with 2,500 other volunteers donate approximately 300,000 hours to Camp Quality annually.

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Emma and Ethan Appeal

This week, three Australian children will die from cancer

Families can struggle to make sense of this harrowing tragedy. Your support can help these grieving families process everything by connecting them with others who’ve suffered a child bereavement, in a healing environment. You’ll give them permission to do something they may’ve long since forgotten to do: laugh.

frame Georgia Story


Georgia Lowry was the youngest Australian to receive a bone marrow transplant.

She survived what doctors predicted to be a fatal relapse against all odds & is one of a tiny number of worldwide survivors of two bone marrow transplants.

Find out how Camp Quality transformed her life and her ongoing battle with cancer – and how she’s now giving back...

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