Our Cancer Education Program, featuring the much-loved Camp Quality Puppets, visits primary schools and education and care services across the country to deliver age-appropriate cancer education that dispels myths and reduces bullying.

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A 2020 independent report by KPMG found that for every $1 spent producing our Cancer Education Program, there was a $5 return in social benefit.

The total benefits were measured across the following four key areas:

  • Fewer school absences: children facing cancer attended an estimated six more days of school each year after seeing the CEP show
  • Increased parental productivity: fewer missed days at school means fewer missed workdays for parents, with parents and carers attending an extra six days of work for each child impacted by cancer
  • Better mental health: visits to a healthcare worker for mental health issues dropped after children experienced the CEP show
  • Improving children’s future earning power: children’s wage potential was boosted due to less bullying after the CEP

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Zoe loves the puppets

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Our puppet shows help to reduce the likelihood of bullying, confusion, exclusion and anxiety that can follow a cancer diagnosis. For children facing cancer, this makes the transition from hospital back to school a little less daunting. For kids who have a family member with a cancer diagnosis, it helps them relate to their peers, who gain a better understanding of what their family is going through.

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Read more about how the puppets helped Zoe
Zoe's connection with the Camp Quality Puppets helped teach her classmates about her cancer experience and how to be a good friend.
Zoe, a Camp Quality kid