The Camp Quality Puppets have been bringing laughter and distraction to kids on cancer wards for decades.

Now they also bring fun and jokes to kids isolated by cancer, and their siblings, via a 10-minute online playdate – straight to their electronic device.

Camp Quality puppets perform to school children


A child in a hospital bed with a Camp Quality puppet next to them

Hospital Puppet Playdates

Camp Quality's Hospital Puppet Playdates are visits from our puppets to kids on cancer wards, providing therapeutic laughter and fun. Learn how they boost the wellbeing of kids facing cancer.

Two Camp Quality kids sat on a hospital bed using a tablet device

Digital Puppet Playdates

Digital Puppet Playdates bring the fun-loving Camp Quality Puppets to children isolated by cancer via their personal electronic device.

A puppeteer and Camp Quality Puppet perform to school children

Cancer Education Program

Our Cancer Education Program visits primary and preschools to deliver cancer education that dispels myths about cancer. Our puppet shows can decrease bullying, absenteeism and mental health issues.


The extensive Puppet Program means our lovable puppets are currently accessible to kids in hospital, at school, and online. This is what they have been up to:

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    Almost 1,200 visits were made by the Camp Quality Puppets to paediatric oncology wards across Australia in the past five years 

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    Over 515,970 students have watched the Camp Quality Puppets perform our Cancer Education Program in schools over the past five years 

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    From mid-2021, 1,568 students watched one of 34 live-streamed shows from our Cancer Education Digital Program

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    An independent KPMG Report found that each $1 spent delivering the Cancer Education Program generates an estimated $5 social return   

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    Our Cancer Education Program has been performed at almost 3,500 schools over the past five years 

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    Absent days for kids with a cancer diagnosis are reduced by 6 days a year after seeing the puppet show at school

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We are there for kids (0-15) dealing with their own cancer diagnosis, or the diagnosis of a sibling or parent, every step of the way.
A family at a Camp Quality family camps

Camp Quality Teacher Resources

Our school resources include lesson plans and activity worksheets, to continue age-appropriate cancer education after a Camp Quality Puppet school visit.

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